You have got to go for quality over quantity every time as far as I am concerned.  I think this a good rule of thumb whatever subject you are talking about.  Here at Zebrano we deal in Rattan Garden Furniture and in our case quality always wins over quantity.  If you get something too cheap there are always problems and it always ends up costing you more.  In our experience quality prevails! Universities and colleges all over United Kingdom should also be very cautious when it comes to the quality of graduates they are producing. Reports say that there are enough science graduates but these graduates actually lack the skill necessary in landing for jobs within the UK industry. The Lords Science and Technology Committee made a plea regarding the quality of technology, engineering, science and math in the university level and postgraduate studies. Furthermore, studies have shown that the graduates do not have excellent skills in math. It was shown that 38% of chemistry students, 70% of biology students and 10% of those in the engineering department did not acquire A-level in mathematics. According to Lord Willis, the quality of graduates did not meet the requirements for the industry and that they cannot be competitive enough to conquer jobs globally. For instance, the pharmaceuticals call for biology graduates that are equipped with good statistical skills in order for them to make analysis of emerging drugs. This news is quite alarming and administrators of schools should heed to the call. Quality should be ensured. Producing more graduates that are less likely to be hired is putting to waste the many years of sacrifice. I believe we should all go after superiority in everything we do. That is what I did when I decided to set up our rattan furniture website.  Quality website, quality staff and most importantly, quality products.  I think it makes sense not only for the customer but also for us as the business.