I thought I would give a quick product update as we are selling out of rattan storage boxes.  This year we have seen a massive increase in the number of storage boxes that are selling and we have been caught out.  The brown and black storage boxes in both the small and large have already sold out. We do have the new grey rattan storage boxes which come in the large size.  Whilst they are not the same colour they may well fit in with your current furniture providing they are not sat right next to one another.  This may not be the perfect solution but sadly it’s the best we can do for this season. I have one of our rattan storage boxes at home and to be honest we don’t even keep our cushions in it.  Our cushions remain on our rattan cube with the cover over the top for the winter months and the storage box is used to house all the kids’ outdoor toys!  It is an ideal place to put everything in the never ending attempt to try and keep the place from looking to messy.  With a four year old boy and a six year old girl you will be amazed how many toys can fit into the rattan storage box. We are running low on Verona sun loungers as well so if you are interested you had better get in there quick.  At the point of writing this we have sold out of black Verona loungers and have only 13 Verona Sun Loungers in Brown left in stock.