We are not exactly Bloomberg around these parts but we do have to keep a keen eye on the currency markets as all our Rattan Garden Furniture is imported.  This means the low pound equates to us paying more for all our goods.  Due to the fact that low prices is a big part of the Zebrano offer we do our upmost to soak up these Dollar pound fluctuations so that they have no negative effect on the prices you pay.  We can only soak it up for so long and inevitably there will be price increases coming soon. With all that said we are just about to enter into the Easter weekend and with snow still on the ground we still have pre season sale prices on all our furniture.  There will be no price increases this weekend so grab a bargain while you still can. We caught a glimpse of the sun here at the Zebrano offices today and at one point it was quiet warm!  I believe there is some good weather on the way so fingers crossed for a nice Easter weekend. Everyone here at Zebrano would like to wise all our customers (and future customers) a happy Easter.