We have finally managed to secure an even better deal for our rattan garden furniture customers.  We are always watching our competitors to ensure that we are offering the best value for money and to prove this point we have a long standing commitment to guaranteeing the lowest prices.  Our price match promise is that you can’t get the same product anywhere else on the market for a better price than here at Zebrano. How do we do this? Well for starters we dedicated several hours a week to trawling the marketplace to see what the competition is up to.  If we see a price for one of our products that is cheaper than ours we do two things.  Firstly we check that the goods in question are indeed the same quality as ours and then we reduce our price accordingly.  Obviously we need to ensure that the goods in question are not damaged, seconds, or shop soiled in any way.  But providing it is like for like then we will match the lowest price. Can you prove it? Yes we can!  Just this week we have lowered the price of the deluxe Algarve Sofa Suite by a whopping £50 pounds.  It was already at a large discounted price but we found it cheaper in a shop in London and we put the price down at once.  When the offending shop increases there price we will not follow them right back up to full retail but always aim to provide the value and keep cost as low as possible. Here at Zebrano Rattan Garden Furniture we work hard to maintain excellent value and excellent customer service.  Our website is constantly being updated to reflect this desire to be the best for our customers.  This week we have added another two videos to the site as people seems to want more video content.  If the customer wants it we will endeavor to provide it!  To reinforce the concept of trying to deliver what the customer wants we have also just added finance options to the site.  Check out my blog from Saturday which explains the finance in more detail.