If you want to design your dream garden, then Pinterest is a handy tool to get inspiration and top tips on how to execute your ideas. Here’s how you can use Pinterest to plan your 2020 garden design.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a popular visual search engine where you can search for images and inspiration. With over billions of images to search from, you can find everything from wedding inspo to home and garden décor.

To use Pinterest, you ‘pin’ the images you like to a ‘board’ making it an online version of a mood board. So, to get started on your garden inspiration you could create a board called ‘My Dream Garden’ and begin ‘pinning’ images that you like to your board. You can use the app on your phone or just on your browser on your computer.

But Pinterest isn’t just for inspiration, there are also plenty of how-to guides and sellers on Pinterest who have great ideas and you can follow people and boards to get all the latest images.


Our Recommended Boards

Here are some of our favourite garden boards that will get you started for inspiration:

Gorgeous Garden Plants – Perfect for ‘How Tos’ this Pinterest board will tell you when to plant certain plants, how much work they require and plenty of other information about your favourite plants.

Garden Furniture – A collection of unique garden furniture ideas for all gardens combining both modern and rustic ideas.

Urban Garden – Ideal for those looking to decorate a smaller garden or to bring the garden indoors if you don’t have a garden.

Garden Design – Create your own paradise garden with the ideas from this stunning board featuring plenty of water features and unique concepts.

Small City Garden – Another one for those with smaller land to decorate with plenty of ideas on how to make the most of your space.

Garden Landscaping – Get some brilliant ideas on how to landscape your garden and turn your garden into a space you can use that also looks impressive.

Start Pinning

Pin all of the images that appeal to you, you should start to see a design develop within your own board. Once you begin pinning Pinterest will recommend similar images to you, helping you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Organise Your Pins

It’s easy to get completely carried away and pin everything, so before you start developing your garden make sure you organise your board and get rid of ideas that aren’t feasible or don’t match the rest of your style.

Start Developing Your Dream Garden

Once you have all of your ideas organised in one place you can begin working towards your dream garden. Use your Pinterest board to break down your ideas into smaller projects and begin working on them one at a time. Make sure you’ve pinned how-tos as well as inspirational images and this should be much easier.