There are several different types of synthetic rattan available on the market, all of varying qualities. PE, sometimes referred to as HDPE is the highest quality synthetic rattan available due to its weatherproof qualities. PVC or PU materials are of a lesser, more inferior quality that is not completely weatherproof and can be broken easily.

HDPE Symbol

At Zebrano, we are proud that all of our rattan garden furniture is crafted using PE synthetic rattan and powder coated aluminium frames as this creates full weatherproof garden furniture that can be left outside all year without weather damage.

PE rattan is extremely resistant to both the cold and the heat and has been tested in temperatures of +40° and -20°C. In the colder temperatures, PE rattan, unlike lesser quality materials, did not crack, go brittle, or snap. Plus, in the higher temperatures it was found that though some perfectly normal sagging of the weave did occur, unlike other materials, PE rattan returned to its usual shape when in the shade. Additionally, PE rattan is extremely UV resistant and will not fade when exposed to direct sunlight.

PE is extremely popular to make rattan garden furniture with because of its pliability. When heated PE becomes very supple and can therefore be moulded into many different shapes which allows not only different styles of furniture, from dining sets to loungers, to sofa sets, but also allows different styles of weave from a popular flat weave, to the classic full rod weave and an authentic half round weave.

PE Garden Furniture

Plus, PE, unlike other plastic materials, can be recycled. When PE reaches its boiling point, it will liquify which allows it to be recycled easily. This is great news for the environment and ensures that PE is the best choice for synthetic rattan garden furniture.

PE rattan furniture is extremely long-lasting and durable. To ensure confidence in these products we place a minimum of 3 year’s warranty on our PE furniture, with many PE sets coming with a 10-year warranty. This shows just how well this furniture is made and how well the materials can withstand the tough British climate and regular year-round use.

This PE plastic material is also available in many different colours, including grey, brown, white wash, willow, and many more, allowing you to reflect your taste and personality into your garden.

We are firm believers that PE or HDPE synthetic rattan is the best material for rattan garden furniture and this is why we choose this material for all of our rattan furniture.

If you would like to test the quality of this material and see it in person, we recommend visiting one of our showrooms located across the UK where we have plenty of PE rattan garden furniture on display for you to sit on, test and measure up.