With so much garden furniture to choose from it can be hard to know what would suit your patio area, which is why we have several showrooms available for you to visit and test our furniture as well as truly envision it in your garden. But, if you can’t get to one of our showrooms this handy buying guide might be of use.

Filling your space

How big is your patio area? You don’t want your furniture to overcrowd the area, or for your furniture to look tiny and unimpressive when compared to your space. We recommend filling your patio area but leaving enough space for people to walk around the furniture even when it is in use. There are recommended footprints available on all of our furniture sets to help you achieve this.

Weatherproof Rattan Furniture

The purpose

What is the purpose of your furniture? Do you regularly host dinner parties and need somewhere to dine? Would you like a family space to both relax and eat outdoors? Or do you want a place to lounge by yourself? Establishing the purpose of your furniture will help you choose the style of your furniture – from a dining set, casual dining set, corner sofa, sun lounger to everything in between. Plus, it will help you work out how many seats you need and therefore make choosing the size of your furniture a lot easier too.

Storage space

Are you planning on storing your garden furniture away when not in use or do you not have much space to do so? Asking this question will help you establish whether you need furniture that can easily be stacked and stored away or whether you need furniture that can be left outside all year round.

Stacking Rattan Furniture

If you’ve got plenty of storage space and are happy to store the furniture away, you will not be limited by material, but we do recommend always look for a lightweight material that will allow you to move with ease. If you need to leave the furniture outside all year, then we recommend looking for high quality, weatherproof materials such as HDPE synthetic rattan.


Are you prepared to spend time looking after your furniture or do you want something that is virtually maintenance free and can be left alone all year round? If you’ve got plenty of time on your hands and don’t mind looking after your furniture, then wood furniture can make an incredibly stylish choice. However, it does need regular care and maintenance.

But, if you want to be able to leave your garden furniture alone then rattan furniture is the prefect choice. Rattan can be left outside all year round and needs next to no maintenance to maintain its stylish appearance. With a protective cover the furniture will need even less maintenance.

Comfortable Rattan Furniture

Style & Comfort

Are you looking for something that looks impressive and is comfortable? Are you willing to sacrifice comfort for style? Some impressive furniture that always looks stylish is aluminium, however aluminium can heat up in the sun and this can sometimes make it uncomfortable to use.

However, rattan garden furniture does not heat up and comes with padded cushions making it comfortable to sit on all year round. Plus, rattan garden furniture is incredibly stylish and comes in plenty of different colours to suit your needs.

We hope this buying guide has helped you make the decisions you need. However, if you would still like some advice and information then please do not hesitate to contact us.