1. Bring the Garden Indoors

    Bring the Garden Indoors
    Winter is here, but why should that mean you can’t still enjoy green plants, flowers and everything else you like to do in your garden? Here, we’ve revealed how you can bring the garden indoors and enjoy garden life from the warmth of indoors. Add Houseplants We’re not saying you need to dig up your shrubbery and bring it indoors... Read more
  2. Hosting a Winter Garden Party

    Hosting a Winter Garden Party
    With so much going on throughout the winter months, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year’s Eve we’re sure that you’re going to have guests over at some point, but where do you put them all? Here, we’ve revealed how to host a winter garden party without your guests being uncomfortably cold. A Seat by The Fire Your guests are... Read more
  3. How to Heat Your Garden this Winter

    How to Heat Your Garden this Winter
    Don’t be cooped up indoors this winter, follow our heating guide to find a suitable heating option for your garden. An Electric Patio Heater The most straightforward and easy way to heat your garden is an electric patio heater. Available in all shapes and sizes, electric patio heaters can generate some serious heat and keep you feeling warm and cosy... Read more
  4. Things to do in the Garden this October

    Things to do in the Garden this October
    Autumn is a beautiful season to be outdoors, the leaves are pretty colours, there are conkers and pinecones on the floor and the gentle chill in the air leaves you fresh-faced and rosy-cheeked. That’s why it's great to spend time outdoors, so here are the top things you could and should be doing in the garden this October. General Garden... Read more
  5. The Perfect Garden Furniture for Winter

    The Perfect Garden Furniture for Winter
    Why should you stop using your garden in the winter? Sure, it’s cold and rainy so you might not want to use it as often but there’s no need to stop using it altogether! With our top garden furniture picks for winter you can enjoy the outdoors even throughout the colder months. As mentioned in our previous blog post “Zebrano... Read more
  6. Winter Gardening Activities To Do With The Kids

    Winter Gardening Activities To Do With The Kids
    Getting the kids some fresh air in the winter is just as important as in the summer but it can be hard to think of things to do outdoors when it’s cold. Here, we have revealed some fun and educational activities that will get the kids outside during the winter. 1. Make Some Outdoor Artwork This is a great activity... Read more
  7. Garden Activity: Build a bottle bird feeder

    Garden Activity: Build a bottle bird feeder
    During the end of summer months, it’s great to get outdoors for some fun activities before the weather gets a little bit chillier. With the kids heading back to school this great activity is a brilliant way to get them outside and also have them learn a thing or two. Building a bottle bird feeder is a great way to... Read more
  8. Top Tips to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

    Top Tips to Prepare Your Garden for Winter
    We are enjoying the last of the summer now and to quote Game of Thrones, winter is coming. But that doesn’t mean you should just abandon your garden that you’ve worked to keep nice throughout the spring and the summer. Here are our top tips on what you can do to prepare your garden for the colder months. 1. Autumn... Read more
  9. How to Dress Your Curved Garden

    How to Dress Your Curved Garden
    Gardens come in all shapes and sizes and no two are exactly the same, but in 2019 we have seen a rise in popularity of the curved garden. But how can you dress such a peculiar shaped garden? We’ve revealed our top tips. According to the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival, curved gardens are making a comeback, from curved... Read more
  10. A Very British Summer

    A Very British Summer
    This summer has been the epitome of a British summer, scorching one second and heavy rains the next and don’t forget all those storms! With the crazy mix of British weather set to continue for the next few months, we’ve revealed the garden furniture that thrives best in these conditions and how to protect your existing furniture. All Weather Garden... Read more

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