1. Can Rattan Garden Furniture Get Wet?

    Can Rattan Garden Furniture Get Wet?
    We’re in the damp and rainy season and we’re sure many of you have left your rattan garden furniture outside, so the question is, can rattan furniture get wet? Well that all depends on what type of rattan furniture you have. Authentic rattan furniture, made from tropical palms including bamboo, is not fully weatherproof and will rot when it gets... Read more
  2. Weatherproof Garden Furniture Sets

    Weatherproof Garden Furniture Sets
    If you’re choosing new garden furniture or you simply want to know how to protect your current furniture from the winter weather, we’ve got all the answers on which garden furniture is the most weatherproof. If you’re planning on shopping for new garden furniture this year then, as you live in the temperamental British climate, you will want to look... Read more
  3. The Best Outdoor Furniture Covers for Winter

    The Best Outdoor Furniture Covers for Winter
    Looking after your garden furniture correctly helps to prolong its life and allows you to get the most use out of your furniture. So, in order to give your furniture the best protection in winter we have recommended the best outdoor furniture covers. Whilst many types of garden furniture including rattan garden furniture are incredibly weatherproof and could be left... Read more
  4. Choosing Your Garden Colour Scheme

    Choosing Your Garden Colour Scheme
    Are you planning a garden revamp this year? Choosing your colour scheme is the best place to start as it will dictate all of the choices you make and help everything to match. Below, we have uncovered the psychology of different colours according to colour-affects.co.uk to help you choose the colour that speaks to you the most, as well as... Read more
  5. The Winter Gardener

    The Winter Gardener
    If you’re a keen gardener then a little bit of cold weather isn’t going to stop you getting green-fingered and spending time doing jobs in your garden, but for many, they wouldn’t know where to start. We’re here to offer top tips to turn you into an avid winter gardener. January can often be the coldest month and that’s set... Read more
  6. What Garden Furniture Should I Buy in 2020?

    What Garden Furniture Should I Buy in 2020?
    2020 is fast approaching and many of us are already keen for winter to be over and spring and summer to begin so that we can get out in our gardens. But what garden furniture should you be looking to buy in 2020? We’ve revealed all below. Gas Fire Pit Tables Gas fire pit tables are the perfect addition to... Read more
  7. Your First Garden

    Your First Garden
    Perhaps you’ve just moved into your first home or you’ve never had a house with a garden before and your new home has one. If it is your first garden, things can be a bit daunting on where to start, how to look after it and how to dress it if you haven’t done so before. So, here are our... Read more
  8. Plan Your 2020 Garden Using Pinterest

    Plan Your 2020 Garden Using Pinterest
    If you want to design your dream garden, then Pinterest is a handy tool to get inspiration and top tips on how to execute your ideas. Here’s how you can use Pinterest to plan your 2020 garden design. What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a popular visual search engine where you can search for images and inspiration. With over billions of... Read more
  9. Should I Remove the Cushions from My Garden Furniture?

    Should I Remove the Cushions from My Garden Furniture?
    We often discuss how you protect your garden furniture in the winter but what about your garden furniture cushions? Your garden furniture cushions require different care than your furniture, so we’ve revealed what you should do with your cushions this winter. Do I Need to Remove My Cushions? Yes. No matter how you are protecting your garden furniture this year... Read more
  10. Giving your Garden a New Lease of Life this Winter

    Giving your Garden a New Lease of Life this Winter
    We don’t believe in leaving your garden to become overgrown and messy in the winter whilst you huddle indoors trying to keep warm, there’s plenty you can be doing in your garden and plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors, despite the cold weather. We’ve often highlighted the importance of spending time outdoors for both your mental and physical well-being... Read more

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