1. Zebrano Bank Holiday Sale

    Zebrano Bank Holiday Sale

    If you’re looking for some huge savings on rattan garden furniture and accessories, then make sure you visit our website or visit us in our Wickford showroom this Bank Holiday. We’re running a huge 10% off across all of our products this weekend using code “EXTRA10” to celebrate the bank holiday and end of the summer season. So, if you’ve...
  2. Frequently Asked Rattan Garden Furniture Questions

    Frequently Asked Rattan Garden Furniture Questions

    At Zebrano, we have noticed a trend on what people need/want to know before ordering rattan garden furniture. So, we have put together a collection of frequently asked questions and the answers that will help you when placing your order. Can rattan furniture be left outside? All of our rattan garden furniture is made with powder coated cast aluminium framework...
  3. BEWARE poor quality rattan!

    BEWARE poor quality rattan!

    With so much rattan furniture on the market it is important to do your research and ensure you are getting good quality rattan furniture that will last for years to come. In this blog we will outline what you need to look out for and what you should be wary of when purchasing rattan furniture. Avoid real rattan or wicker...
  4. The Improving Development of Garden Furniture

    The Improving Development of Garden Furniture

    In years gone by garden furniture has been associated with an uncomfortable hardwood picnic bench, a rusty iron bench or a cheap plastic dining set. However, garden furniture has seen such development of modern materials over the last few years that there is now no reason to experience discomfort or unstylish furniture. With so many developments in the industry being...
  5. The Convenience of Rattan Garden Furniture

    The Convenience of Rattan Garden Furniture

    Rattan garden furniture has many benefits, including its weatherproof nature, but rattan is also incredibly convenient for both regular and irregular use. Here, we have revealed what makes rattan garden furniture so convenient and worthwhile. Rattan garden furniture is incredibly lightweight thanks to the powder coated aluminium framework, making it easy to move around. This is particularly handy when it...
  6. The Importance of Al Fresco Dining

    The Importance of Al Fresco Dining

    Dining outdoors with friends and family isn’t just a fun pastime to enjoy on the weekends or during the summer holidays, it could in fact benefit your health and social wellbeing, according to recent studies. If you ever needed an excuse to invite all of your loved ones over for a barbecue in the sunshine, then this is it. New...
  7. Safe Outdoor Dining

    Safe Outdoor Dining

    In this heat it is only right that we make the most of the weather and dine outdoors every day, enjoying barbecue food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and drinking a fair amount outdoors in the sunshine. However, it’s important to be safe when spending so much time dining outdoors. Therefore, we recommend purchasing a dining set with a parasol...
  8. Celebrating the History of Rattan Garden Furniture

    Celebrating the History of Rattan Garden Furniture

    Rattan garden furniture is one of the most popular garden furniture types in the UK, but how did we come to use this material for furniture and why is it so popular? Here, we delve into the history of rattan garden furniture. Rattan is the name for roughly 600 species of climbing palms. These climbing plants have incredibly flexible woody...
  9. Rattan Corner Sofa Dining Sets

    Rattan Corner Sofa Dining Sets

    If you want to make optimum use of your garden then you want somewhere to relax as well as dine, this is where the corner sofa dining set, otherwise known as the casual dining set comes in. The corner sofa offers plenty of place to sprawl out and relax and when it comes to entertaining or dining al fresco there...
  10. Traditional Brown Rattan

    Traditional Brown Rattan

    With new colours in rattan such as grey and white wash rising in popularity, traditional brown rattan is also maintaining its status and still competing with the new colours for title of the most popular rattan furniture colour. Brown is one of the original colours for rattan garden furniture and despite being around for so long there appears to be...

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