1. Types of Rattan Garden Furniture

    Types of Rattan Garden Furniture

    Whilst many of us refer to rattan garden furniture as a collective, there are actually several types of rattan garden furniture available and it is very important you know which is which, otherwise you may think you are purchasing a weatherproof furniture set which is actually likely to rot or rust. Here, we have outlined the different types of rattan...
  2. Space Saving Garden Furniture – The Cube Set

    Space Saving Garden Furniture – The Cube Set

    To optimise your garden space, there are plenty of space saving garden furniture ideas. The most popular of all of these ideas is the rattan cube set. Available in plenty of different colours and styles, the cube set is the ultimate design to provide you with somewhere to relax and dine with friends and family, without overwhelming your garden or...
  3. Patio Furniture for Residential Homes

    Patio Furniture for Residential Homes

    If you’re living in, working at or visiting a residential home then you will want somewhere comfortable to enjoy the outdoor space. Especially for those living in a residential home, spending time outdoors is a particularly enjoyable pastime and should be made to be incredibly comfortable and enjoyable. This is why we recommend rattan garden furniture. Not only is rattan...
  4. How to Keep my Patio Furniture Shaded?

    How to Keep my Patio Furniture Shaded?

    Whilst we all enjoy the sunshine, you can have too much of a good thing, especially when it comes to harmful UV rays. This is why we always encourage creating a shady area over your patio furniture which makes it safe to enjoy the outdoors. To do this we recommend a great parasol to keep you protected and keep your...
  5. Things to Know About Rattan Furniture Covers

    Things to Know About Rattan Furniture Covers

    Whilst all of our rattan garden furniture is completely weatherproof and can be left outside all year round without a cover, many people like to have the added protection of a weatherproof cover as well. Here’s everything you need to know about covering your rattan furniture: A Cover That Fits Picking a cover that fits your set is crucial. One...
  6. Buy it cheap, buy it twice

    Buy it cheap, buy it twice

    In today’s market, many people are looking for a bargain, something cheap that fixes their needs easily. However, with garden furniture we don’t believe that looking for that quick fix, cheap option will actually save you any money at all. In reality, cheap garden furniture is not made to last and that couple of hundred pounds you might be saving...
  7. Why Synthetic Rattan Garden Furniture?

    Why Synthetic Rattan Garden Furniture?

    If there is one thing we have learnt from rattan garden furniture it is that genuine isn’t always best. Sometimes people are put off by the statement ‘it’s not authentic rattan’ but we’re here to confirm that authentic rattan is not always best, especially in a British climate. Authentic rattan is a member of the palm family and can grow...
  8. Is my Garden Furniture Protected from the sun?

    Is my Garden Furniture Protected from the sun?

    With summer finally approaching we can all start enjoying our garden furniture and relaxing in the sunshine. You no longer need to think about whether you garden furniture is waterproof but whether it is protected from the sun. Many people don’t think about how the sun can affect their garden furniture, as that’s what it is built for, right? But...
  9. Maintaining Your Garden Furniture

    Maintaining Your Garden Furniture

    Garden furniture has to endure a lot. From being sat on and having things spilt down it, to 10 types of weather – sometimes just in one day – your garden furniture really has to tough it out. Although many garden furniture styles are incredibly durable, there is plenty you can do to ensure your furniture lasts as long as...
  10. Summer Garden Party Essentials

    Summer Garden Party Essentials

    With summer on the way, you may be thinking about hosting a fabulous garden party for your family and friends. To ensure that everyone has the best time there are many things that you need, a list of essentials if you like. So, to ensure you have everything you need we have created a handy checklist of garden party must-haves...

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