Outside the World of Rattan

Here at Zebrano you know we are all about rattan garden furniture but what do we do in our spare time? I thought I would do a series of blogs on the Zebrano team and give you an insight into the people behind the website. Obviously we have many different interests and hobbies but here is something we all did together in a good old-fashioned team-building day!

Pre Battle Team Shot

Paintballing! Why get in trouble in the office by throwing something at a colleague when you can get praised for shooting paint bullets at them instead? Not only do you get to shoot at your manager you also get the bragging rights if you win!

Our team here has grown significantly in the past few years, as we have become a real force in the garden furniture world. With growth come new procedures and a more professional running of the business. That’s all great and we are always striving to improve efficiency and customer service. However our roots are still very much in our humble family business beginnings and we never want to loose perspective on what made us successful in the first place. Our friendly, understanding staff is the key to our success and every now and then our MD; James Whiteley gets us all together, away from the world of Rattan and ensures that we have a laugh!

[caption id="attachment_1584" align="alignnone" width="690"]Orange Team Orange Team[/caption]

Well, we certainly had a laugh! We went to Skirmish in Billericay first thing Sunday morning and having been recommended to wear old cloths it was not exactly a fashion show! Fortunately we got straight into our Army fatigues ready for the hostilities! We were split up into teams and were equipped with Automag Semi-auto Machine gun, One Piece Camo Coveralls, Protective Hood, Full Face Goggle, Battle Pack with 4 x empty 100 Shot Pots and the all important Team Armband. The lady’s got extra protective body armor vests and everyone was issued with 600 shots! Surely we could all hit something with 600 shots?

[caption id="attachment_1587" align="alignnone" width="690"]Green Team Green Team[/caption]

I think it is fair to say that a good time was had by all and after the dust (or paint in this case) had settled we all went for Lunch at T.G.I. Friday's in Basildon Festival Leisure Park (Bas Vegas).  (Note: You have got to have the ribs! Messy, but lovely!)

[caption id="attachment_1581" align="alignnone" width="690"]You have got to have the Ribs! You have got to have the Ribs![/caption]

I say we do it all again next year. Maybe it could be an annual event. Glad to say that there were no major casualties and peace has once again been restored throughout the company!

Here’s what the team thought of it…

"Thanks for yesterday it was a good day. I did enjoy the second course, this was the most intense course out of the three and there was nowhere to hide!" Elliot Berg, Sales "Great day out - Loved rolling around in the Mud and Water and acting like a demented Rambo - Gutted I missed the Lunch 1. - Favourite bit was all of it - I thought the three different zones were each excellent in there own right 2 . Think we need to keep the team ethic going - So something like bowling would be great" Gary Petts, Despatch & Transport Manager [caption id="attachment_1586" align="alignnone" width="690"]Cover me, I'm going in! Cover me, I'm going in![/caption] "Yesterday was awesome, had a great time never done it before but loved every second of it! The amount I ache today was well worth it! 1 - Favourite bit - the whole day, thought it was brilliant how we all worked together coming up with plans of action. 2 - A ghost hunt might be fun! There are a few nighttime events around Essex, Coalhouse Fort in Tilbury for example." Laura Watson, Customer Services "Wasn't yesterday great fun!! That was the first time I have ever been paint balling! 1. My favourite part of the paint balling was the second level (with the big rolling ball). There was a lot more action on this level. 2. I think we should go bowling next time!!" Patrick Bridge, Contract & Trade Manager Zebrano feeding the troups "What a fantastic day, great fun, 1. Paint ball  - Unfortunately I could not participate on this occasion but enjoyed looking in on all the action, Meal - Very nice meal, very nice company." Tina Carrington, Customer Services Zebrano head shot

Venue: Skirmish Billericay
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