The weather has been a bit grey to say the least but I’m glad to say that the rattan sales keep on coming in.  We have a new Grey rattan weave this year that has been brought in to compete with our current range of Black and Brown weaves.  The grey has a more contemporary feel to it than say the brown and yet is perhaps not quite as stark as the black. In the last five years we have seen the brown rattan weave take centre stage as far as popularity with the British public.  Last year we seen the black improving in sales but still it was quite a way behind the brown.  The black is very contemporary and minimal in design but is often considered a little too stark.  The brown is a two tone and is often considered to have more warmth or depth to it. This year we have brought in a mixed grey rattan weave which has the contemporary feel that the black rattan has and yet because it is a two tone grey it also has some of the qualities of the brown.  It is still early days as far as being able to tell if the Grey will surpass the black in terms of number of sales but the general consensus thus far is that it looks great! To be honest the grey has not been implemented throughout the website but if you are interested then just give us a call and we can let you know if your preferred set is available in the grey.  For now the best photo showing the grey rattan is the Cadiz Oval and six chairs. Coming soon is our latest competition!  Well to be honest it is our first competition.  We wanted to see our furniture in the homes of our happy customers so we have given you an incentive to take some photos and email them into us by handing out a cash prize for the best photo.  I will fill you in with all the details in my next blog.