Following on from my blog on some of our stock already selling out I thought I would remind you that you don't have to pay upfront for our products. The fact that some of our products are selling out has got me thinking that not only should I be letting customers know when things are getting short on supply but also I should be emphasizing that you can order goods with no down payment. This fact could make all the difference. If you are waiting to save up until you place your order you could well be disappointed to find that your item is then out of stock. If however you were made aware that you can order the goods safe in the knowledge that you will not have to pay until the goods are dispatched then this may make you get in now before it’s too late. You do not pay upfront for anything in our range as we only take the payment when the goods are dispatched. That means that you can order and secure your product now and arrange delivery for a later date.  You can then rest assured in the knowledge that you will not actually pay until the goods are dispatched. The best bet is to give us a call if you would like to organize delivery for a later date. Also worth mentioning again is our 0% credit that we are offering this year which means that you can spread the payments over 6months, 12months or even up to 36 months. So if you’re sure you want to buy some high quality rattan garden furniture but are not sure that you want to pay now then we have many payment options to suit your needs. That said we are not in the game of the hard sell so this blog is only meant to highlight the options available to our customers not to try and push you one way or another.  We are a small family business and we are not in the business of the hard sell.