We are so delighted to be finalists in this years online retail awards. For the first time we are finalists in two categories, the home and garden category and the small online business category. Zebrano Rattan is a small family run business which has evolved to become the No1 rattan garden furniture retailer in the UK. In 2012 we were thrown the wettest summer on record for 100years. Our saying for 2012 is "life isnt about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain." So we danced and danced and danced till we succeeded!online retail awards 2013-2014 was a record year for Zebrano Rattan in terms of sales, turnover and return on investment. Zebrano Rattans huge 2146% growth in the last five years has been a huge learning curve for us all. Coping with demand for our amazing product has been challenging. Our rattan garden furniture is bulky and takes up lots of space which makes it expensive to ship from china, requires large storage facilities in the UK and a huge delivery network of large vans for delivery to cope with the demand. Then there are the phones! Coping with the huge volume of calls we receive daily is definitely a challenge and something we are investing in for 2015. 2014 has seen its own problems in that china experienced its coldest winter in 28years which has had a knock on effect to all European supplies of rattan for the summer. As you can imagine this has caused an interesting start to 2014. We have had a glorious spring with huge demand for our garden furniture. Couple this with the global shortage of rattan garden furniture and it has been a stressful start to 2014. In the last three weeks the containers have been landing and we have been dispatching like mad to get the furniture out as quickly as we can. Yet again in 2014 we are in the hands of mother nature and what she has in store for us. Despite the glorious spring and summer we are having there is a global shortage of rattan furniture due to china's cold winter. What we have learnt from this is that we need to prepare as best we can for any weather mother nature is going to throw at us. We are so please to be nominated for two awards at the Online Retail Awards as its great to have all our hard work recognised in overcoming complexities that running a small business can throw at you. Our saying for 2013-2014 is "There is no elevator to success you have to take the stairs"


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