I couldn't resist doing a big shout out to all of team GB.  It seems to me that there is so much pressure on them and masses of expectation from the public.  Not everyone can live up to this high pressure but some are thriving on it.  Did you all see the Men’s Gymnastics?  Brilliant.  They nearly had the silver!   They did brilliant to get the bronze and I for one was proud of them. My friends went to the 3 day eventing and seen team GB win a fantastic Silver medal.  It's amazing what sports you can get into during the Olympics that you would otherwise not really see much of.  I'm loving the swimming and today I was loving the badminton until our man got beaten right at the death!  Gutted for him.  For me it is fantastic for all our athletes to be competing at this level and I hope they can all do themselves proud. Here at Zebrano we will cheer them win, loose or draw.