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Coming up soon near our showroom is the Hyde Hall Garden show. One of the best RHS garden shows, it features 60 specialist nurseries and garden trade stands from around the area. We have heard great things about this show direct from our customers as often our customers have either just been or are on there way to the show after visiting us. As we are only 20 minutes away its easy to see why you could both visit us and take in the delights of the show. We have found a link for two for one entry. Click here for details. July 17th

Getting the most out of your BBQ’s is a must and so we have tracked down some top tips for you courtesy of the Guardian online section. Not sure what our wonderful UK weather has in stall for us this weekend but to be honest I have taken to using the BBQ regardless of the weather! Obviously its better if you can enjoy the sun and maybe use the rattan furniture at the same time but the last two BBQ’s we have had I cooked the meat in the rain!

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Be honest, you have all wanted to try this recipe out! At the very least the men among you have wanted to try this out. So why not give it a go this weekend? Click on the click below to see how the BBQ master himself (Jamie Oliver) does it. There is a video to help you through the process. I for one will be giving it a go as it looks delicious!

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In January there are a few key jobs to be done to ensure good health in your garden. I heard today that we could be having some snow by the end of the week. In general though you need to check your stakes, ties, fleeces and other supports as the winter always disrupts these. We could get some strong winds so its always good to have a once over every now and again. Also, make sure you feed the birds. They will be struggling to find food at this time of year.

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Definitely our go to place for ideas at the moment is Pinterest. The popularity with the general public seems to be growing every day and pinterest is now a massive social networking site. For me though it’s just a great place to get new ideas. I'm always looking on there for ideas around the house and the garden. Why not have a look for yourself and see what you think?

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Here at Zebrano rattan garden furniture we have taken a sneak peak into the future with our blog on future trends in the furniture market. We have much more to come on this subject and this is only our first blog on the topic. Have a look, see what you think and keep a look out for more coming soon. I hope it gives you a little insight into the coming years furniture trends.

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Stunning panoramic views of London can be had from the top of the Kew Garden iconic Pagoda. Directly below the Pagoda is the healing giant. This is the first time in eight years that the doors have been open to the public so don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to climb the pagoda.

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Check out the health properties of the botanical gardens with a living display of the ingredients. The Gin and Tonic Garden is situated in the secluded garden glasshouse and entry is free once you have paid to get in the main gardens.

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This is an excellent display of medicinal plants and is showcased in the shape of a giant human. Each area of the body is covered in plants that can be used to treat ailments affecting that area. A great view of the healing giant can be seen from the pagoda which is situated right next door.

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The Saturday Telegraph are featuring one of Zebrano Rattans best selling rattan sofas this weekend. Check out the Cadiz Rattan Corner sofa to see why the Telegraph thinks it is such a great product.

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The shining beacon of success this year for us has been our new Victoria Range. Here is the new video showing off some of the Victoria Range. Hope you like it!

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I seen this and thought it was well worth a share. I thought there were some cracking ideas for BBQ recipes that were a little different from the norm. My favorite was the Tom Kerridge Beef BBQ Ribs

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