Covering Rattan Garden Furniture. I'm sure we have written about this before but it is a popular topic so I thought I would refresh our memories on it. So, do I need a cover for my Rattan Garden Furniture? The simple answer to this is no! But how can this be? Historically we have always needed to cover our garden furniture to protect it so that it doesn't mould or crack and lasts longer however. Well historically we were using materials that would eventually rot or corrode in the good old British weather. Materials such as wood and metal were historically very popular in the manufacture of garden furniture. In fact they still are with some garden furniture companies!

Many woods and metals for that matter do not like the rain and sun. At the very least they deteriorate over time and it has therefore always been prudent to cover your garden furniture. Well with our new synthetic rattan furniture you don't need to do this. All Zebrano Rattan's furniture is made from a synthetic rattan which will withhold all that the British weather can throw at it. It will withhold the wind, rain and snow. It will not rust or fade in the wet or the sunshine. In fact we actually recommend not covering the rattan as it can get hot and sweaty under the cover and can get a bit smelly under the cover!rattan furniture in the snow

We have a Macassar Corner sofa at home that we have had for seven years now and we never cover it (not even in the winter) and it still looks brand new. In fact here it is in the photo! All you need to do is to bring in your cushions as they are not waterproof and will get smelly under the cover due to the humidity. In the spring give the furniture a wipe down or a power wash and its good as new! If you really want to cover your garden furniture we would only recommend covering during the winter months. Our covers are not designed to be taken on and off on a daily basis, they are designed to keep your furniture clean from bird droppings and general dirt during the winter months.

So why do we do covers with our garden furniture? Very simply because everyone wants one! If you do want to cover your rattan garden furniture then we would only recommend doing this in the winter and please store your cushions in a dry, moist free storage unit. Not all our covers are a perfect fit for each individual item of furniture. Our covers come in various standard sizes. This might mean that you need to move or stack some of the furniture to cover it all up and keep clean. Alternatively don't cover it, leave it where it is and let it breathe, let the snow sit on it in the winter and still admire its beautiful shape.

Why cover it all up when you can still admire it all through the winter. My rattan furniture is never put away, I enjoy it all year round and on some sunny winters days I still enjoy sitting on it with a cuppa tea watching the world go by. I'm often surprised at how comfortable it is even without a cushion!


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