As each year passes more and more people seem to be selling rattan garden furniture.  This is a good thing as far as all of us at Zebrano are concerned as competition often means more sales.  This sounds a little counter intuitive but to be honest the more companies that sell rattan furniture the more the public tend to become more educated in what is good and what is not. Zebrano started selling rattan garden furniture back in 2007.  Back then the public had very little knowledge about what rattan garden furniture really was.  They were well aware of the traditional natural rattan and cane but the outdoor rattan was very much an unknown.  The public had started to see the rattan on holidays abroad in places like Spain and Italy but other than that it was not really available in the UK. Even in the early years after the initial introduction of rattan patio furniture into the UK it was quiet difficult to explain what the product was and for people to get there head around the whole all weather nature of the goods.  Nowadays everyone knows about rattan outdoor furniture.  Well at least everyone who is looking for garden furniture that is.  They can now see it in garden centres, online, department stores and even some indoor furniture shops. You may think this is a bad thing for us as its much more competition.  I disagree as the evidence tells a different story.  The public no longer ask if our furniture is natural rattan as they are now fully aware that the rattan is synthetic.  They no longer ask if it can stay outside all year round as they already know it can.  The public are now concerned about the build quality and the quality of the cushions.  They see cheaper versions on the market place and now want to know the difference.  From our point of view we are delighted to talk about the differences as they always show the cheaper products up for what they are, inferior and unlikely to last the test of time. The more the public know about a product that more likely they are to make an informed decision and that’s better for us.  If they want something that is cheap and cheerful then that’s fine but if they want something that is of a good quality and yet won’t break the bank then we are here to help.  More competition leads to better informed customers and better informed customer leads to more sales for the companies that provide great products at great prices!