Look at your garden as an extension of your home and create an outdoor room, not just an outdoor space. Doing so will encourage you to spend more time outdoors with loved ones and add a whole new atmosphere to your garden.

Here are the things we recommend for your modern outdoor room:

Casual Dining Sets

Somewhere to sit

The key feature of an outdoor room is having somewhere to sit. Whether you opt for a dining set which creates a formal place to dine with loved ones or a sofa set which is incredibly comfortable, there is an option for everyone.

Our recommendation is a causal dining set, this way you get the best of both worlds! You will have space to dine but also get the comfort of a sofa or corner sofa set which will encourage you to not only spend more time outdoors but also multiple different occasions such as both dining and casual drinks.

An Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a very modern set up that makes any outdoor space look impressive. Not only does it look impressive, but it is also a very practical solution for cooking and eating outdoors. Different to a simple barbecue, a whole outdoor kitchen allows you to prepare food, cook food, store food and drink in an area that is within easy reach and offers much more space.

Outdoor Kitchen

You can cook up a storm for dinner or a simple breakfast with your outdoor kitchen, again encouraging more time of the day to spend outdoors in fresh air.

A Fire Pit

A very modern addition to any outdoor room is a gas fire pit. These gas fire pits look incredibly impressive and stylish as well as creating a focal point for you and your guests to sit around and enjoy the warming flames, again encouraging longer periods of time spent outdoors.

We recommend gas fire pits so that the air does not feel polluted or smoky and you don’t constantly have to leave your comfy chair to feed the fire.

An Outdoor Rug

Make your outdoor space truly feel like a room with touches that you would also add to an indoor space, like rugs and cushions. These small touches will make your outdoor room feel more homely and more like an extension of your indoor space than a separate entity.


Ensure that you do your research and get specific outdoor materials for these items so as to avoid damage or short lifespans.


A Pergola is a great way to make your garden feel like a room as it will effectively have a roof. We recommend looking for a pergola with the ability to open and close the roof with ease so that you can open it up to let sunshine come flooding in or close it and remain outdoors even when it is pouring with rain.

Following all of these steps will allow you to design a truly modern outdoor room that can be used year-round.