Zebrano Rattan went mobile six months ago now and we are always fascinated by improvements in technology and try to keep pace with the fast moving sector.  You can now view our site on all smart phones and tablets and hopefully it’s an enjoyable experience.   It was 40 years ago since the very first mobile phone call took place.  On the 3rd April 1973 a Motorola employee Martin Cooper made the first mobile phone call in New York.  A lot has changed since then of course and many of the young adults today would be unable to remember a time without mobiles.  Some of them can’t remember a time without smart phones even. The arrival of the mobile phone has certainly had a large impact on the way we communicate and also on the way we shop.  Who would have thought that we would be able to order garden furniture on the bus on the way home from work?  We have worked hard to try and provide a mobile website so that you can order your rattan garden furniture on the move and with a touch of a button. Who knows what will be the next big thing but I did see a Horizon program the other day talking about a new metal that can be folded up and put it your pocket.  Apparently this metal will be able to be used in the computer industry and you will be able to unfold the metal to reveal a full size computer!  This does sound a bit far fetched I know but we could be unfolding computers and reading them like newspapers before you know it!  Didn’t Harry Potter have a computerized newspaper type thing?  Anyway stranger things have happened. Here at Zebrano Rattan we will endeavor to keep pace with the times and offer the best quality rattan garden furniture at the best prices no matter what type of mobile computer you are using.