Maze Rattan Furniture does it again!

A new year, a new collection for Maze rattan furniture.  Maze rattan furniture has some great new products for 2015.   Every year we wait with eager anticipation to see what the new collection brings and this year we are not disappointed. maze logo What we really like with the maze rattan collections is that they offer a full range of garden furniture from rattan dining sets, rattan loungers, daybeds or garden sofa sets.  You also have a choice of weave so once you pick the weave you like you can get a sofa set, dining set and a pair of loungers all to match.   You can choose from the contemporary flat weave or a more traditional tubular weave.   In this blog I am going to look at each weave and some of my favourite products in those collections.  Hopefully this will help you to decide which of Maze rattans furniture is for you. rattan_garden_furniture_glass At the beginning there was flat weave rattan garden furniture…   Lets start with my favourite!  The Flat weave.  You really can’t go wrong with the flat weave.  It looks great, its great value for money and can be left outdoors all year round.   Over the years the flat weave has been our best seller and the range has grown to quite an impressive collection.   Another great benefit with the flat weave is that it comes in 3 colours, Black, mixed brown or grey.   The choice of the 3 colours gives you even more scope to fit the furniture in with your style of garden or conservatory. New-LA-Round-1200_001 My favourite new flat weave addition for 2015 is the Corner cube dining set.  I literally don't know where to start about this set as it has so much to offer.  It gives you a sofa set yet its a dining set but not only that you get a little cube vibe going on with the footstools fitting underneath the table.  I know its sad but this rattan garden set excites me!  I think I might have been doing this for to long!  For years we have offered rattan cube sets, sofa sets and dining sets but we have never had anything that offers all three in one go. Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 16.05.50 Maze Rattan - Milan Rattan Furniture…. I could talk about the Maze Rattan Flat weave all day long and to be honest I have written many a blog post on it over the years.  However I must move on to discuss another new range for this year, the Milan range.  Well I say new for this year but actually it has been adapted and improved from the 2014 prototype.  The weave is the same 12mm half round wicker that offers a fantastic quality feel for the customer striving for that little bit extra. This year’s major change is the colour.  Last year it was a chocolate brown and to be honest it never quite worked.  This year however it comes in a sandy brown colour that really looks the part.  Add to this the fact that there is a choice of cushion colours and you have a sure fire winner.  Check out these lime green cushion covers for a stunning look! milan corner Classic Maze Rattan… Maze pride they on offering something for everyone.  Back in the beginning when Maze first brought all weather rattan to the marketplace the range was primarily a cost effective flat weave collection.  Soon after this Maze extended the range to include a more traditional style and look which has ended up becoming the Winchester range.  We love the Winchester range as whilst it does have the look and feel of traditional rattan furniture it also has a contemporary manufacture and finish.  By that I mean it may look like the classic rattan furniture of old but it is still made using aluminium frames with synthetic rattan hand woven around them.  This manufacturing process ensures that all of the Winchester range is capable of remaining outside all year round.  This same manufacturing process is maintained throughout all of our Maze Rattan Collections. SONY DSC There are lots of suites to choose from on the Winchester but today I would like to highlight the Winchester 6 seat round dining set.  As you will read a lot on this blog I do prefer the round garden tables as I always think that round tables lend themselves to a more sociable dining experience.  Rectangular tables are great if you prefer the more regal look or perhaps you have a long thin patio area so you don’t have much choice.  For me however, given the choice and providing I have enough room on my patio I would go for a round rattan dining table every time.  Round garden tables tend to mean that the entire guest can see each other.  The fact that everyone can see each other tends to mean that the conversation flows a little easier and nobody feels like they are stuck at the end of the table with old Auntie Mable!     I have gone with the Winchester rounded chair as it has that classic Lloyd loom feel about it while still maintaining the contemporary build quality.  Everyone has a different preference on chairs and again it really does depend on the look and style that you are trying to create.  It also depends on the comfort of course!  All the Maze rattan chairs are comfortable but each design is slightly different and therefore every customer prefers their own choice.  To make that choice I think the best bet is to come into the showroom and sit on a few before making your decision. Winchester rounded armchair The Winchester range has a full selection of rattan dining suites from two to ten seats as well as rattan sofa suites, rattan corner suites, rattan sun loungers, and not to forget the odd rattan daybed.  Another feature of Maze Rattan collections is that they tend to come in all sizes, shapes and variations.  By that I mean that each collection will have various sized table and chair sets as well as sofa sets, sun lounger etc.  That means that once you have decided on the collection that you like the best you should be able to find matching dining and sofa sets if that’s what you are looking for.

Regal name and Regal class…Victoria Rattan FurnitureVictoria_Peach_Daybed

After the success of the Winchester weave Maze brought out the Victoria collection back in 2014.  The Victoria is both traditional and contemporary at the same time!  The designs certainly give a nod to past classics but because the Victoria is in a grey rattan the overall appearance is very current.  Grey is a very contemporary colour at the moment.  This year the Victoria has been extended to include more dining options as well as more sofa options.  For me though the pick of the bunch is still the Victoria daybed.  Have a look at the size and scale of this garden masterpiece.  If only we all had the time to laze away the afternoon on one of these!  This daybed is a flexible piece as well.  You could split it up a little to create two separate sofas with the footstools at either side or the coffee table in the middle.  Perfect if you are entertaining guests.   Rattan Best Sellers If you want to know what is our best selling range then look on further than the original and still the best….Flat Weave Rattan Furniture.  Every year is slightly different from the last but you can guarantee that the flat weave will always be amongst our best selling garden furniture. Top Five Best selling Maze Rattan Furniture products: 1) The Orlando Sun loungers have been with us for 8 years now and sell better and better every year.  They have a timeless, classic look that never really goes out of fashion.  Smooth clean lines and a simple mechanism.  Stunning! Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 15.44.09 2) Maze Rattan 5 Piece Sofa Set.  If sun bathing is not your thing and you would rather a rattan sofa vibe then the five-piece sofa suite is probably our best selling piece.  It has something for everyone.  You can relax with your feet up on the footstool to steal a few sun rays if you are on your own or if you have guests you can crack open the wine and comfortably seat five.  Perfect! madrid-with-stool_010-postit_1 3) Rattan cube sets!  I am not sure you can do a blog on Maze Rattan Furniture with a mention of the Rattan Cube set.  Take a look at this rotating image and I think it speaks for itself!  Flexible, compact, great looking, contemporary, all weather, easy to store, easy to clean, great value, etc. etc.  Really enough said, right? Rattan Garden Cube Set with footstools 4) Texas 6 seat round dining suite.  Arguably our most comfortable chair the Texas has been with us for many years now.  The slightly reclined back position tends to mean that the Texas is more comfortable if you are planning on sitting for quite a while.  By that I mean that if you are intending to settle in for the afternoon then the Texas chair is for you.  The Texas is not quite as upright so some say it is not as good eating positions as say the LA chair but the reclined relaxed feel leaves nobody in doubt as to the long-term comfort!  By now you should know my opinion on round rattan tables so it’s no surprise to me that the round table comes out as one of our best sellers! bilbao_round_outdoor_rattan_table_and_6_chairs_2-postit 5) Last but not least we couldn’t talk about best sellers without a mention of the London corner.  Again the London has been with us the longest and again it out sells most of the rattan corner suites year on year.  It’s versatile and fabulous to look at and because it fits into a corner it actually doesn’t take up much space. Perfect for parties and perfect of taking a nap after the Saturday night excesses. parasol So there you have five of the best Maze Rattan Garden Furniture items but there are many more to choose from.  Take a browse around the website to see if anything ticks the boxes for you and do let us know if you need any assistance. If you need any help with any of our ranges or would like to discuss anything you have read here please give us a call or email us for further details on our Maze Rattan Furniture.