We often talk about the best way to bring the comfort of your indoor space outdoors, but how can you bring the best bits of your garden indoors? We’ve uncovered all here.

Plants & Flowers in Every Room

The best and most common way of making your home greener is to put potted plants and fresh flowers indoors. We recommend putting these fresh accents everywhere, including the bathroom, making your home look and feel like a spa.

Pot Plants

Don’t just buy supermarket flowers that are going to expire within a few days, there are some brilliant potted plants and flowers that will last year-round indoors, and many require little care, it just takes some research.

Use Natural Materials

Creating, shelves, tables or even wash basins out of materials you would find outdoors like chunky wood or stone makes them stand out. Making these materials into unusual interior designs can make a very interesting feature.

Natural Materials

Use Natural Floors

Flooring can be made from bamboo, cork or even actual wood. The unique textures look natural and definitely make you feel at one with nature.

Natural Light

A wonderful sky light is a way to make the outdoors feel like it’s indoors, without it actually being so. You’ll get the natural sun light; the starry skies and it will feel like you’re camping outdoors, without the risk of getting wet!

Use Rattan Furniture & Accessories

Rattan furniture isn’t just great for outdoor use, it’s perfect for indoor use, especially in conservatories. If you use it to decorate the inside of your home, you can create a gateway between your cosy indoor space and the glorious outside.

Rattan Furniture Indoors

Something Tropical

If you have plenty of light and a particularly warm space in your house, why not use it to grow potted lemon or orange trees. Not only will you enjoy the feel of nature, and the splash of colour, but you’ll also get to taste the fruits of your efforts, quite literally!

Wall Art

It might not be something you would often find outside but choosing some wall art that depicts nature scenes such as a forest, or fields will help you envisage that outdoor place you love so much.

A Nature-Themed Colour Scheme

Paint the walls spring green, or sky blue and get accessories to match. Combining these colour schemes with your natural wall art will help create a stunning outdoor replica, indoors.

We recommend greens and earthy browns as partners, or sky blues and whites, you could even go for more of an ocean feel with teal and aqua. If you can’t paint the walls then this can be achieved in art and furniture.

Natural Colour Scheme

With these top tips you can recreate your favourite outdoor space, indoors. Given our tips a go? Let us know and we could feature you on our Instagram page @zebrano_rattan.