With summer coming into full swing and temperatures set to rise over the coming months, it is important to give your garden furniture what it needs to thrive throughout the summer months. Check out our top tips on how to maintain your garden furniture throughout summer.

Regular Cleaning

We all know that a British summer is temperamental at best and abysmal at worst, so though in theory your garden furniture should remain dry throughout the summer, that is often not the case. So, you will have to regularly clean your furniture.

If you have rattan garden furniture, luckily for you, you will just need to wipe this down with a damp cloth and, providing the sun is out, it will be dry within a couple of minutes and ready for you to use.

Cleaning Rattan Garden Furniture

Other materials, such as wood or plastic will need much more thorough cleaning as well as adequate protection to avoid long-lasting damage.

Cover Up

If you want to avoid this regular cleaning routine, we recommend a weatherproof garden furniture cover. Popping a cover over your set when it is not in use will keep it free from dirt, debris, and rain, meaning it will be clean and ready to use when the sun next comes out.

Remember to remove your cushions before you put the cover on and store them somewhere safe. Cushions should not be left under a garden furniture cover because they sweat underneath, and this can cause mould to build up on the fabric. It would be extremely disappointing to lift up the cover and find your cushions are mouldy, so make sure you remove them and store them somewhere safe such as a cushion storage bag or box.

Cushion Storage Box

Shady Protection

A common question we receive about our rattan dining tables is directly linked to the heat of the summer. Often, when the weather is scorching, rattan – particularly rattan that is underneath glass like our dining tables – can sag. We often get asked: is this normal? The answer is yes, this is perfectly normal, and the table is still safe to use. Once the temperature cools down your rattan will return to its normal position.

However, if you’re worried about this or you just don’t like how it looks, we recommend getting some shade in place to keep your table cool. This can be done with a garden parasol to offer shade for your table and for you and your guests as well.

Shaded Dining Set

Update the Look

Maintaining your garden furniture isn’t always boring care guides, you can refresh the look of your furniture with some brilliant garden furniture accessories.

Whether you want to refresh the look of your whole garden with some outdoor lighting or you want to specifically update your garden furniture with a lazy Susan or a tabletop heater, there is plenty you can do to refresh the appearance of your garden without breaking the bank and opting for all new garden furniture.

If you need any advice on caring for your existing garden furniture, or purchasing new items, our customer service team is on hand to offer support and advice.