During the summer, rattan garden furniture requires next to no attention and can be used repeatedly. During the winter, in order to maintain its appearance for next summer it takes a small amount of care – still considerably less than other garden furniture styles. Follow our top tips to maintaining your rattan this winter.

Get Those Cushions Indoors

Cleaning Rattan Garden Furniture

Your garden furniture cushions are not fit to stay outdoors throughout winter, bring them in as soon as possible and store them safely away until the summer. Some garden furniture cushions have removable covers, take this time to wash the covers. Leave them to dry naturally, never use a tumble-dryer!

Give it a Wash

Give your rattan furniture a gentle wash before you store it away or cover it for winter. Use a cloth or the soft side of a sponge and some soapy water to rinse the rattan. Then use a toothbrush or a soft-bristle brush to really get into the crevices of the rattan and get out all of those crumbs you’ve dropped and make sure everything is clean. Leave to dry thoroughly.

Cover it Up

Weatherproof Covers

Rattan garden furniture is fully weatherproof and can be left outdoors without a cover. However, to increase the longevity of your furniture and keep it nice and clean after you have washed it, you can cover this with a weatherproof cover for an extra layer of protection.

This will keep dirt such as falling leaves, snow and frost off of your garden furniture and leave it ready to use in the summer. Even if you use a cover, you cannot keep your garden furniture cushions under the cover as they will sweat and be mouldy when you remove the cover.

Bring it Indoors

Your rattan furniture certainly doesn’t need to be stored indoors but if you want to continue to use the furniture, rattan can make a fantastic addition to conservatories and other indoors spaces throughout the winter. This allows you to get year-round use from your garden furniture.


Keep Using Your Furniture

If you love the feel of a frosty morning and the bite of a chilly evening, you can continue to use your rattan furniture throughout the winter. With some of our rattan designs, such as firepit tables, you can keep using this furniture and stay warm outdoors. Plus, you can add accessories like outdoor lighting and patio heaters for an outdoor space fit for year-round use.

Follow our top tips and you will enjoy your rattan furniture for years to come and keep it in tip-top condition.