Is your patio area looking a bit bland and your looking for a way to spruce up the area and love your garden again? Well, there is plenty you can do to spruce up your patio area.

Patio Space - Rattan Furniture

Firstly, to make your patio a useable space we suggest deciding what you want to use your area for. Do you want somewhere to dine al fresco? Or somewhere to relax? Or a bit of both? Do you want an area for yourself, you and your partner, or a communal area for lots of visitors? Once you have decided this we recommend garden furniture to suit your purpose.

Rattan garden furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, from dining sets, to corner sofas, to sun loungers, to sofa dining sets and everything in between. This weatherproof furniture is the perfect way to spruce up your patio area as it is available in plenty of different styles and colours. Plus, if you’re looking for something with a bit of personality, you can add some colourful scatter cushions and create a cosy area for you and your guests.

Patio Space - Parasol

No matter what garden furniture you opt for, we recommend a parasol to match. A garden parasol will keep you protected from the sun and will also look impressive and stylish on any patio. Whether you want a traditional wood parasol that goes through the centre of your dining table or a freestanding, aluminium, cantilever parasol that can follow the sun all day long, there is something to create a cooling shady area on any patio.

Make your patio a space that you can use all year round with a handy heater. A patio heater will not only keep you and your guests warm, but it will also add light to your outdoor space meaning that you can enjoy your patio well into the evening and get much more use out of this space.

Patio Space - Accessories

Just focused on summer? If you only wish to use your patio area in the summer but you are keen to make the most of this time, then we recommend a great BBQ. Whether you have plenty of space or a smaller patio area there is a BBQ for every occasion, and it looks much better than just a disposable BBQ. Plus, what better excuse to invite all your friends over to enjoy the World Cup than a barbecue and some drinks!

If you want your patio area to have some greenery and some flowers and not look so dull and grey, then we’ve got the perfect solution, especially if you have rattan garden furniture. Keep the style of your patio area flowing throughout by accompanying your furniture with some rattan planters. These planters are perfect for shrubs, flowers and greenery to brighten up your patio space.

We have plenty of accessories available in our showroom which will perfectly accompany your furniture and brighten up your patio space making sure you love this area and can spend many a sunny day outdoors enjoying your patio. Pop down to one of our showrooms to find something to brighten up your patio area, any day of the week!