The new minister of trade for Indonesia, Gita Wirjawan said the new restrictions on imports and exports do not represent a shift towards protectionism. Wirjawan, only just appointed this October has already sparked worries regarding the tighter safety and labelling requirements on imports as well as the ban on rattan exports. He claims that Indonesia, with its booming economy and low tariffs has meant a sudden flood of imports and that the regulation is only catching up with what other countries do. "My posture is not protectionist.

The fact is that there are thousands of products out there that are not in compliance with the rules and regulations in terms of environmental concerns, safely measures and labelling." He continued by saying, "We are not going to go beyond what the Aussies are doing and what the Americans are doing. People are overly concerned that the pendulum is going to swing the wrong way and I am telling you we are not trying to move the pendulum in the wrong direction." He has no plans to raise the import tariffs which are currently set at one of the lowest in Asia at only 6%. Indonesian Vice President Boediono said, "In general our stance with regards to foreign trade and foreign investment remains the same. We do have an economy to take care of so from time to time we have to balance these things." "What I'm doing is different. I'm thinking about things that should have been thought about before," claimed Wirjawan. "We need to climb up the value chain and make sure that we are able to produce goods and services. Hopefully we won't just produce Nike shoes; hopefully someday we can make iPads."