It is no secret that British weather is temperamental, and we experience our fair share of difficult weather conditions, so we need garden furniture that thrives all year round. That is why we believe weatherproof rattan garden furniture is the solution for Brits to enjoy their garden furniture and never worry about weather damage.

Weatherproof Rattan Garden Furniture

At Zebrano, all of our weatherproof rattan garden furniture is designed using only the finest rattan weaves and powder coated aluminium frames which helps create 100% weatherproof garden furniture. Our rattan, both flat weave and half rod weave are HDPE (High-density polyethylene) which is a top-quality synthetic rattan material used instead of real rattan or wicker because the real material would not withstand the British climate.

This HDPE material is designed to withstand all weather conditions and is tested to -20° and +40° to ensure it does not crack or go brittle in extremely cold weather and to ensure it does not melt or sag in hot weather. The synthetic rattan weave is also protected against heavy rain and strong winds.

We only use powder coated aluminium framework for our rattan garden furniture because this allows you to leave the furniture outside all year round without rusting. Steel frames would leave pools of orange rust on your patio or decking which stain and are very difficult to remove. Aluminium frames are also much lighter than steel and allow you to move your furniture around with ease.

Another key feature of this weatherproof rattan garden furniture is how little maintenance it requires. Thanks to the way the rattan is woven, should it rain the water will run right off of your furniture meaning that water will not pool on the seat. Plus, this also makes it easy to clean any dirt off of the furniture.

We are 100% confident that all of our rattan furniture can be left outside all year round as it is 100% weatherproof. However, for those that prefer even more protection, we offer a range of weatherproof covers that also help to protect your furniture from dirt such as fallen leaves and bird droppings.

Weatherproof Rattan Garden Furniture Covers

The covers themselves are also 100% weatherproof and are protected from UV rays to prevent both the furniture and the cover itself from fading. The covers are also treated with a special Weathertex formula which causes water to bead and repel, leaving your furniture completely dry even after a downpour.

All of our covers come in a handy carry bag and have eyelets and drawstrings attached which helps to securely attach your cover and prevent the wind from blowing the cover off of the furniture. We always recommend removing your garden furniture cushions and storing these indoors before attaching your cover as leaving them underneath will cause the cushions to sweat and this could create mould build up.

Our garden furniture cushions are not 100% weatherproof although they can be left outside during good sunny conditions and a light shower. However, should bad weather persist we recommend storing them indoors. If your cushions do get dirty from the outdoor use, then our cushion covers are removable and machine washable at a low temperature.
If you have any questions about our weatherproof rattan materials or garden furniture covers then do not hesitate to contact us.

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