The Olympic fever has scaled extreme heights in the last couple of weeks and all the talk now is of some sort of come down.  So far I have not noticed this come down and in fact I think we are all still buzzing from the roaring success of the games.  I think us Brits are a little more used to being the plucky losers or perhaps even chocking at the last minute.  Not this time!   Not only did we nail the organizational side of the Games we also nailed the rush for medals.  I for one was worried the expectation was set to high and whilst this may have been the case for some it certainly wasn’t for the vast majority. The Games fever was so extreme that some were putting their work at stake just to catch a glimpse. However, the wiser among you had already ordered the extra comfortable and amazingly stylish Zebrano Rattan furniture in order to watch the Olympics in style! The legacy of the gamnes is yet to be seen but you can rest assured that there a a large lagacy to the rattan furniture!  Our Rattan Garden Furniture is all weather and designed to live outside not only all year round but for many years to come.  There were some concerns that the increase in sales may result in a slowing down of our delivery times but we were able to maintain our fast deliveries even around London. Everyone yearns to enjoy the Olympic by lounging on their comfortable furniture and as far as level of comfort and style goes, there is none that can match Zebrano Rattan furniture. Many e mails have been received by me all indicating possible delay in delivery citing reasons which could disrupt their delivery on time. Most of the roads are closed during the Olympic season and overcrowding becomes a major issue in the transport. Albeit the congestion was primarily focused on areas surrounding the Olympics site there did seem to be a knock on effect father afield.   The degree of traffic use in London and its adjoining areas rose dramatically during the Olympics but I am pleased to say that here at Zebrano Rattan furniture we managed to fulfill all our deliveries on time.. One of the most sought after suites during Olympic fever is Georgia Rattan sofa set which is being ordered in large numbers. The most enticing feature about this is the footstool that comes along with it. It enables you to kickback and chill out while watching your favorite sport. You may also use it for additional members who may want to join you in the fun.