Although Autumn is coming, we don’t want that to mean you have to stop using your garden. Autumn can be a great time to enjoy the outdoors, with plenty of colour in the changing leaves, crisp fresh air, bonfire night and so much more, you will want to be outdoors as much as possible. We believe that the secret to enjoying your garden this autumn lies in some useful garden furniture accessories.

Freestanding Patio Heater

The patio heater is the ultimate garden furniture accessory for autumnal use. There are plenty of patio heaters available, including freestanding, table top, hanging, and parasol heaters. These are perfect for keeping you and your guests warm throughout the cool autumn nights.

Parasol Heaters

Parasol heaters are ideal if you still wish to dine outdoors, even in the cooler weather. The parasol heater sits around your parasol pole, which in turn will go through the centre of your outdoor dining table, allowing you to heat your dining area and continue to enjoy al fresco dining. Plus, the heater also gives off light, helping you to see as the evening draws in quicker.

If you have a cantilever parasol over your outdoor sofa area, don’t worry, there is a handy attachment available allowing you to connect these heaters to your cantilever and warm your outdoor seating area, too.

Table Top Patio Heater

Suspended Patio Heaters

These hanging heaters are perfect for hanging from walls or beams in your garden. Giving off both heat and light they are ideal for use next to your seating area or by your backdoor leading out to your garden.

Our suspended patio heater and chain works by pulling a string, like a light switch and operates on one heat.

Freestanding Patio Heaters

A freestanding patio heater is perfect to accompany a casual dining set, corner sofa or sofa area. The patio heater will stand on its own and project heat and light over your area. These heaters do not need to be weighed down and should stand freely.

Suspended Patio Heater

Many of our freestanding heaters have built-in tip over switch which turns the heater off automatically, should it be knocked over or if it falls due to bad weather conditions. This clever switch helps to make the item incredibly safe.

Table Top Patio Heaters

Table top heaters are ideal for use on a dining table or coffee table and project both light and heat. Having the heater on your table helps to increase the feeling of warmth and therefore often requires a lower heat setting and saves energy.

Rattan Patio Heaters

We offer a small collection of rattan patio heaters which are both freestanding and table top heaters which are finished with a rattan base. This helps to make the heater incredibly weatherproof as well as well weighted and supported.

These rattan patio heaters are designed to perfectly match your rattan furniture so that they are stylish as well as practical.

For advice on what patio heater is best suited to your garden, we recommend speaking to one of our knowledgeable customer service advisors.