Jobs for the garden when it’s freezing.

What can I do in the garden when it’s freezing?

We are in the middle of a cold snap and the keen gardeners among you will be itching to know what can be done in periods of freezing or near freezing conditions.  Well there is still plenty to be getting on with so I thought I’d do a quick blog to give you some ideas for the weekend.  As you can imagine it’s not exactly the time to be digging but it is the time for organising so pens and paper at the ready!


Top four jobs in freezing conditions:

1)  Protect the fragile plants.  Sounds obvious but don’t just leave the plants to fight it out on their own. Anything mobile can be put in the green house and make sure you protect non frost-proof containers such as terracotta with bubble wrap, hessian or fleece.  You could try to group the pots together on a south-facing wall to try and give them a little extra protection

2)  Look out for any newly planted trees, hedges and shrubs as the cold frosts can lead to the roots being loosened and lifting out of the ground.  Gently push the roots back underground if you notice this happening and then maybe think of a way of protecting it a little.  Maybe it’s a windy spot so try a windbreak to lesson the chill factor.  Add some thick dry mulch around the roots of trees and shrubs to protect from the cold.

3)  If we get snow then ensure that you brush hedges and conifers.  The cold will make the branches brittle and the extra weight of the snow could lead to branches snapping under the weight.

4)  Think of the wildlife!  There is not much in the way of food for the birds when all around you is frozen.  Get some thick fat balls and hang them around the garden as well as making sure that the feeders are topped up.  Don’t forget that the birds will return the favour by eating some of the pests in your garden later in the year. 

 cover plants in garden

Our current cold snap is the perfect time for you to start planning ahead for the coming months.  Order in your hanging basket plants such as Geraniums or Fuchsia.  Get planning for the vegetable patch by drawing out a planting plan and start to consider what needs to planted first etc.  Be ready for the thaw and prepare for the ‘big clean’ by dusting down the power hose.  Once we have seen off the freezing conditions you should be ready to clean the patio, clean the garden furniture and how about cleaning the shed!   The Scouts and Cubs will have us believe that being prepared is the answer and so it is with springtime in the garden.  

The New Year is a great time to seek out the bargains as all retailers and desperate to get off to a good start to the year.  Garden centres will be praying for a sunny, mild Spring to kick start their sales so the bargain hunters among you should be down there this weekend to see what is on offer.  The cold weather will be keeping people indoors so you may well be able to pick up a bargain or to if you are prepared to venture out into the cold.  

Here at Zebrano we are no different.  We are always looking to kick start our season early and mid January freezing weather conditions is certainly pre season for us.  That probably explains why we have a 20% discount on all items in our showroom and online until the end of January.  The early bird catches the worm!  Why not beat the cold by popping into one of our showrooms to check out our rattan garden furniture ranges?  Our rattan corner sets would be sure to light up any patio or outdoor space.  

Rattan Garden Corner Sofa

rattan corner sofa 

Top tips.

1)  Beware when using plastic near the leafs of plants as the freezing conditions are actually made worse with plastic. Worse still if you are not quick to remove the plastic when the sun comes out you are in danger of cooking the plant.  Most of us do not have the luxury of popping in and out at just the right time so beware how much plastic is used. There are some specially spun polyester fabrics that are lightweight and heat-retentive and therefore perfect for the job.  That said old bed sheets, blankets or even tablecloths are a cost effective way to protect your plants

2)  Make use of the freezing conditions by staying indoors and ordering your seeds and making a garden plan for the upcoming month.

3)  Consider purchasing new water butts ready for the summer.  A long way to go I know but while there is plentiful amounts of water at this moment in time you are sure to need some in the hatter months.

4)  Start to think about your hanging baskets.  Order fuchsia plants, Geraniums and Lobelia now in preparation for the busy spring period.

5)  Stay off the grass as much as possible as walking around on frozen grass is likely to damage the roots.