It may have been raining today but the Zebrano team was happy to see the arrival of our latest Jamie Oliver Dome60 Pizza Oven.  Even the box looked great!  We have not yet put it on display in the showroom as it is VERY heavy and we need some extra burly lads in to help us put it in place. I did open the box to ensure that the colour was correct as our original oven had come in the terracotta colour.  The girls in the office have assured me that the correct colour is in fact the cream.  You have a choice of the two colours so whatever one looks good to you is now available for immediate delivery. I can’t wait to get the oven set up as I intend to give it a road test as soon as possible.  I’ll wait for a sunny day and then through a few pizzas in.  According to Jamie the pizzas will only take a couple of minutes at the very high temperatures these ovens get up to.  You can also cook lots of other items in this oven.  Roast dinner for example! I will dust down my recipe book and get to work on the Dome60 oven and then let you know how I get on.  My wife told me today that she would draw me a map to the kitchen as I seem to have forgotten the way!  I think she was insinuating that I don’t do enough cooking at home.  Maybe this Dome60 is just what I need to recapture my culinary prowess!