Zebrano Rattan shows 360° images.

We are delighted to be finished with our latest updates on the website. You can now see pretty much all of our products from every angle. We have spent some considerable time and effort to create revolving 360° images. Hopefully you can now see the products from every possible viewpoint and this will in turn help you to make a better informed decision. In the past we have had many customers asking various questions about the size and style of the furniture which we feel can now be answered by viewing the goods rotating.

Of course we are still at the end of the phone or indeed on the email if you do have any questions for us. info@rattanfurnitureuk.co.uk or 01296 334450. We still have our showroom as well which is open six days a week and has a fairly extensive range of our goods on display. The idea is not to get rid of the normal modes of contact but more to expand the website. Often people don't want to come and see our showroom or maybe it is too far to travel but still want to view the product front and back. The new 360° images are designed for just such customers. It's good to see that our sofas come fully assembled and that there are not any bolts holding things together hidden away at the back of them.

My personal favorite is the rattan cube set with footstools as this image not only shows you the all round view it also shows just how easy it is to store away. It is no wonder that this cube set was the item that started the current trend for rattan garden furniture. Not only does the footstool slide under the chairs, the chair backs also fold down and then slide under the table to complete the cube. Brilliant! Take a look for yourself and see just how space saving the cube really is.

Of course we are not stopping here and intend to continue to invest in our website with new initiatives coming very soon. We are aiming to make your online shopping experience as easy and informative as possible.