Easter has come so early this year that it is still winter time! My four year old boy asked me if it was nearly Christmas the other day!  He was devastated to find out that it was some time away yet. Thank goodness.  Not sure I could handle another festive extravaganza just yet.  Here at Zebrano rattan furniture we love the sun so it’s spring and summer that we crave.  Spring appears to have deserted us this year and British summer time officially starts this weekend!  Or is it next weekend?  Either way it doesn’t give spring long to get sprung. We are all praying that we get a long hot summer to try and enjoy the longer nights now that the clocks are about to go forward.  Lets hope we have one of those ‘Indian Summer’ at the end of our summer so that we get to enjoy the great outdoors for a few months.  Last summer was such a wash out we are surely due some good weather. My rattan cube was in use a few weeks back but sadly it has been closed back up in hibernation mode again since then. As Billy Connelly used to say ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes’. Therefore wrap up warm, get outside and get some fresh air. Hope you all have a great Easter break.