Like all furniture types, there are pros and cons to flat-packed garden furniture and fully assembled garden furniture, but are they equal in durability, longevity and practicality? We’ve looked into these questions.

Most of Zebrano’s rattan garden furniture arrives fully assembled, this is because we believe it is the best way to receive garden furniture as it makes the process hassle-free, especially as our rattan garden furniture is all lightweight and easy to move, even when assembled.

Fully Assembled Rattan Garden Furniture

However, we understand there can be positives to flat-packed garden furniture. These include things such as a cheaper price tag and being able to store the furniture until you are ready to use it. However, when compared to fully assembled garden furniture we believe flat-pack furniture fails in a lot of areas including:


Flat-pack garden furniture is not as high-quality as fully assembled furniture because of the materials that can be included. Fully assembled rattan furniture is welded together which offers a higher quality and stronger finish when compared with flat-packed furniture which will require bolting together.


Fully assembled rattan furniture is therefore naturally more durable as the welded frames are stronger and more secure than furniture which is bolted together. Typically, flat-packed furniture is also cheaper and uses inferior materials which rust quicker, snap and break quicker.

Flat packed Rattan Garden Furniture


Flat-packed furniture is not as practical as fully assembled rattan furniture. Whilst, the furniture can be stored away until your ready to use it, if it is flat-packed, it can take a long time to build and is not ready to use instantly, meaning you may put off assembling the furniture and miss lots of sunny days and opportunities to use your furniture.

Fully assembled rattan furniture is ready to use as soon as it has been unboxed. Plus, the top-quality rattan can be left outside even in adverse weather conditions, meaning you won’t have to worry about storing the furniture indoors if you’re not ready to use it yet, it can remain outdoors waiting for a sunny day.


Due to the lesser quality materials used, flat-packed rattan garden furniture will come with a shorter warranty and will be predicted to last only 1-3 years as opposed to the 5+ years of fully assembled rattan. This means, that whilst you may save money on your original purchase, you will have to spend money more often in order to replace the furniture when it deteriorates.

Zebrano has fully assembled furniture on display in our showrooms, allowing you to test the quality for yourself. We recommend visiting us and/or speaking to one of our customer sales advisors, to understand the difference between fully assembled rattan garden furniture and flat-packed rattan garden furniture.