Make sure your rattan garden furniture is well secured in these windy conditions.  I’ve got a cover over my rattan cube set and to be honest this seems to hold the table and chairs tightly together and stop the wind from blowing in between them.  Bare in mind that while the rattan is ‘all weather’ there are exceptions to the rule and extreme wind could well be one of them.  The aluminum frames make the furniture lightweight and easy to move around which is a big advantage to the heavy set wooden furniture of old.  However in yesterdays conditions a bit of extra weight may not have been so bad. I arrived at work yesterday to find the warehouse door nearly blowing off its hinges and various items flying around the yard.  We are based in Buckinghamshire and are generally quite well sheltered from the extreme weather patterns but even we got hit yesterday. In Gerrards Cross the A40 was blocked because a tree was blown over and landed on a car.  Also trees fell in Risely in North Beds and Shooters Hill in Hemel Hempstead which is just down the road from our showroom.  

Our Rattan Furniture showroom shook but thankful nothing significant was broken. We were not the worst off as Scotland was the worst hit. Winds of up to 102mph hit the central belt of Scotland and I know from personal experience that it has had a devastating effect on many families.  At one stage 60,000 homes were without power.  The kids are not back at school yet in Scotland so you can imagine the effect that this has had on families trying to keep everyone warm. The Strathclyde Fire and Rescue were kept busy with 488 incidents attended before 1pm.  Most of these were for fallen trees and damaged buildings.  Fife Constabulary said “there have been more than 100 separate incidents relating to high winds and rain” All forms of transport have been hit with roads, rail, air and Sea all reporting delays and cancelations.  Dover port was closed all morning and the ferries to and from The Isle of White were canceled.  The winds have calmed down now and this may be a good time to go and make sure your cover is well secured over you rattan furniture just in case there are more winds to come.  If you are without a cover let us know or go to our rattan garden furniture accessories page so that we can send one out to you.  Meanwhile rap up warm and stay safe.