indonesia to ban exports of raw rattan

A raw rattan export ban threatens in particular producers in Kalimantan and Sumatra where most of the rattan is exported rather than sent to domestic furniture makers. Indonesian Rattan Entrepreneur Association (APRI) vice chairman Julius Hosan said on Sunday, “With the ban, we cannot see a future for raw rattan industry outside of Java. The government only pays attention to furniture industries in Java without considering raw rattan industries in Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Sumatra and even Maluku,” The government is concerned that nearly 70% of the furniture industry has collapsed since the export of raw rattan back in 2005.

The Indonesian Rattan Furniture and Craft Association (AMKRI) secretary General Abdul Sobur said that there had been a dramatic decrease in revenues for rattan furniture from $350 million in 2005 to a mere $50 million in 2011. Industry minister, M.S Hidayat said that the ban could resurrect the dwindling industry and that, “We plan for the exports to focus on finished rattan products rather than raw rattan,” Dedi Supardi, a representative from the Indonesian Furniture Entrepreneurs Association said that the ban would provide more stock for domestic furniture producers than was available In Cirebon in 1980’s when some 300,000 people were employed in the trade. Abdul is sure that the ban will create more jobs for Indonesians saying, “For one container of exported raw rattan, we only need three workers, while a container of exported rattan furniture needs at least 40 workers,”

Here at Zebrano Rattan Furniture we only import the finished item and that ensures that the local community in the country of origin benefits as much as possible.