I like traveling and visiting friends both here in the UK and overseas.   I have just returned from a trip to Thailand.  Doing a bit of travelling allows me to see many things out there: fresh ideas, new inspirations and other ingredients to fertile my creativity in developing design and quality of our furniture. In some ways, I agreed with Scottish Reformer Samuel Smiles who said that wisdom and understanding could only become the possession of individual men by travelling the old road of observation, attention, perseverance and industry. I see rattan garden furniture all over the world these days and I always have a look at the quality and the designs just in case we could learn anything.  In the case of Thailand our hotel had sever examples of rattan patio furniture.  The breakfast hall for starters had some cream coloured rattan which went quite well with wooden tables.  The bar by the pool also had some rattan in the form of rattan sofa sets.  These were in the brown rattan colour but to be honest they were not a patch on our sofa sets!  I know I would say that but with the shinny budget rattan look and feel and also the none zipped cushions I think I would find it hard to find anyone to disagree with me.   One thing they didn’t have and really should have had was the rattan cubes.  They are note only great in customers homes but also in a commercial environment, •    This Rattan garden cube sets are very popular, even the most popular sets of rattan garden furniture within our range •    The design is really great that we can store it easily without taking up too much room. •    Its modern design always led itself to contemporary garden setting and large terrace of balconies •    It is really comfort, and even more with the foot stools and cushions. I had to mension the lack of cubes to the bar man but I think he thought I had had one Signa beer too many!  You can take the man out of Zebrano, but you can’t take Zebrano out of the man!! This rattan garden cube set comes with four chairs which have hinged high backs for superior comfort. The way the chair backs could be folded down to enable the chairs to fit underneath the table to create the cube is so impressive.  It’s so versatile and fully weatherproof. You need not worry about the quality as it can be left outdoors all year round.