We don’t like waste here at Zebrano Rattan and the worst kind is when governments waste money.  I know this may be a little bit close to party politics but it seems to me that there  has been a lot of money being wasted on our recent eductaion programs.  Don’t get me wrong, as Whitney Houston said, I believe the children are our future… Aparently some 2.3 millions pounds of tax payers’ money has been spent this year as part of attempts to a new wave of schools. However, the program does not really run well as some have been either scrapped at the last minute or only have a few pupils enrolled.  The budget has been wasted. The program itself was initially established to give parents’ groups and charities powers to run their own state-funded schools independent of local council interference. It sounded like a good idea but the implementation has been a little clunky to say the least.  That said it is not easy when you are changing systems as we are only to aware of here at Zebrano.  When we moved from powder coated steel to aluminum frames on our rattan furniture it was not all plain sailing.  Sadly we did not have anything like the size of the government’s budget. I think we got there in the end and we have rolled out the aluminum frames for all products now and you can barely tell the difference.  The main difference is that the frames are lighter and that there is now no chance of rust. Both of which are a positive.  You do have to handle them with kid gloves mind you as they are more susceptible to damage from being knocked. The aluminum is light and strong but can dent easily. This Hamilton set is a good example of our new alumium frames.  Made from 5mm round PU rattan, this furniture set is designed to use aluminum frame, UK Fire Regulation cushions, and scatter cushions. All details are designed carefully for the best output. And the result is a set of very comfortable Hamilton Garden Love Seat that can be used both indoors and outdoors, with the inclusion of Beige cushions for your ultimate comfort. The flexible usage of this furniture set for indoors and outdoors is indeed wise, besides being economical, the idea itself is very precious and out-of-the box. Now back to the issue of the alleged waste of some millions of pounds budget for independent schools.  Hopefully the governement can turn things around and with adequate research, the program can be improved and re-designed in accordance to the real needs and findings.