Ever since we started selling Rattan Garden Furniture back in 2006 we have loved the products. From a sales point of view there is nothing better than outdoor furniture that is designed to withstand all weathers and will live outdoor all year round. Add to this the style and class of the furniture and we knew right from the start that we were onto a winning product. That said this furniture is quite bulky and difficult to deliver so delivery needed extra consideration. You will see many of our competitors using the old method of pallet deliveries but we have learned from past experience that pallet deliveries are not for us. They are quick to deliver but they treat there deliveries badly and frankly the feedback from customers is not good. We have used pallets in the past when the situation demanded it but generally they are not suitable for home deliveries. They are especially not suitable for home deliveries of large bulky items. Pallets must be wrapped within there 900mm x900mm size and there is very little available in the world of rattan garden furniture that fits into that size. Many of our competition continue to use the pallets networks. We know from there customers calling us that the only way pallets can be used is to have the furniture hanging off of the pallet which leaves the goods exposed and liable for damage. You do not want to receive your goods on a pallet. You have been warned!! We have a series of articles written on the subject of furniture delivery methods available on our about rattan garden furniture page so check it out for further details on pallet deliveries and much more. I have drifted off subject there, back to the topic in hand. The question was how will my furniture be delivered? Well in the case of Zebrano Rattan furniture your furniture will be delivered be a specialist Furniture Delivery Network. All of our stocks are held at our courier's warehouse in a dry, secure location. Deliveries are booked in with the customers direct from the courier's and no delivery is planned without the verbal approval of our customer. If the customer does not answer the phone, messages are left and emails sent until contact takes place. Options are given to the customer so that a suitable date can be arranged and a delivery date is never forced upon the customer. Finally arrangements are made and a time can be given within a two hour window so that customers are not left sitting around all day. The delivery itself is done by men in smart dress with logos on shirts so that the customer knows this service is professional. All the vans are new and the furniture is put in the place the customer asks for. None of the above would be true of a pallet delivery service where goods are delivered on a wooden pallet in the driveway and then the driver leaves. Customers are left with a large bundle all wrapped up and nowhere to put the pallet once the goods are unwrapped. We have literally heard hundreds of stories of pallets arriving with goods clearly damaged and hanging off and pallets left on streets where with customers unable to move them. We even heard of a case where a wooden bench was delivered in three broken pieces and the driver asked the customer to sign for the goods. Don't get me started on the pitfalls of pallet deliveries as I will be here forever! Better to focus on what it is we offer here and Zebrano endeavor to provide a top rated service and a personal one as well. The delivery drivers are all polite and well mannered. It is a priority of ours that the delivery is done in good time and in a professional and efficient manner. It is our last chance to show the customer we care before they receive there furniture. We get numerous customers praising our delivery service and we are very proud of that.