With the environment and recycling such a pressing issue in today’s climate, we have looked into what you can do to upcycle things for your garden, ensuring you get the most use out of every day household items and make your garden look unique and fabulous.

Unique Planters

If you’ve got an old pair of wellies, or even several old pairs of wellies you can turn these into interesting planters for stunning flowers or greenery. Instead of simply leaving them on the floor to get blown over, attach the wellington boots to your fence and you will have a quirky raised planter.

Something that does work well on the ground, if you’ve got the space is an old bed! You can turn your old bed into a wonderful flower bed and bring it back to life with lots of vibrant and colourful plants.

Upcycling Wellies

If you’ve not quite got the space for a whole bed outdoors, then some old tyres are also great planters. Spray paint them and make them as colourful as the plants! Or an old set of drawers can look rustic and interesting, adding levels to your planting.

Comfortable Furniture

All gardens need somewhere to sit, and a favourite for making outdoor furniture is old wooden pallets. You can turn pallets into a nice corner sofa area and make it comfortable with some cushions (although you may have to take these indoors after every use).

Upcycling Furniture

We’ve even seen a coffee table made out of old tyres, ideal for keeping drinks and snacks within arm’s reach.

Of course, if you can’t upcycle anything for furniture, we sell some great garden furniture items that will last for years to come.

Outdoor Lighting

A great upcycling idea that we have seen for outdoor lighting is using old wine bottles strung together and either adding fairy lights to the insides or placing a tealight in each one. This not only looks pretty and effective but is a great excuse to have a party and drink lots of wine!


If you or your children are into sports, particularly bat related sports like cricket then once their old bats have had it, you can turn them into some interesting fence panels, ideal for gating off areas or just adding an interesting look to your garden.

Upcycling Furniture

Crazy Ideas

Whilst all of the above ideas are pretty and interesting, they have been done often. We have seen some even crazier items used for the garden, if you want to be really unique. For example, an old bra used as a planter, an old car used as a flower bed, old cutlery used as wind chimes, and an old piano turned into a water feature.

We would love to see your upcycle ideas, the crazier the better, and we would love to feature them on our Instagram page. If you have any photos let us know and share with us @zebrano_rattan