Whilst rattan garden furniture is extremely weatherproof, some damage or cracks can occur during a particularly harsh winter or on older furniture. But there’s no need to worry, or to rush out and buy a new set if you are happy with your old one, here’s our top tips for repairing cracked rattan.

2-part Epoxy Resin Glue

Equipment Needed:

  • Scissors/Blade
  • Replacement Rattan Strands
  • “Super” Glue – We recommend 2-part Epoxy Resin Glue
  • How to Repair:

    Step 1: Carefully remove the cracker or broken rattan strands from the furniture and dispose of them (Or recycle them into lovely Christmas decorations – see blog).

    How to Restore Cracked Rattan

    Step 2: Mix the 2-part epoxy resin glue.

    Step 3: Take your replacement strands of rattan (these should be attainable from the place you purchased your garden furniture, if you ask nicely) and ensure they are longer than the pieces you removed earlier. Additionally, ensure that you have all the different colours that are part of your furniture, for example two different shades of brown.

    Step 4: Take a strand that matches the colour of the line of rattan you are replacing and weave it in and out of the gap left by the removed strand. Follow the pattern of the existing weave.

    Step 5: Apply the glue mixture to one end of the replacement rattan and tuck this under the supporting strand and hold in place until the glue dries (this may take up to 5 minutes).

    Step 6: Repeat step 5 for the other end of the replacement rattan so that both ends are secure.

    Step 7: Allow the glue another 30 minutes to dry completely before using the furniture.

    These steps should allow you to restore your furniture to as good as new and you shouldn’t be able to notice the repair once the steps are complete.

    If you need help following the steps or if you wish to attain some rattan strands for your repair, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.