Winter can be incredibly harsh on your garden, not just on your plants and shrubs but on your furniture too. Here’s how you can prepare your garden for the upcoming winter to ensure that everything survives.

Rattan Heaters

If you’ve got seasonal garden furniture like wood or metal furniture, then it is best you store your furniture away in the winter months. These materials are not equipped to handle the colder, damper months the way that other materials can. If you want your furniture to survive the winter but do not have a place to store it away, then you will need to regularly care for your furniture throughout the winter.

However, if you have rattan garden furniture then your furniture will not need to be stored away and will need minimal to no maintenance over the winter months. Rattan furniture is built to last throughout the winter and is protected against extremely cold and damp conditions by its powder coated aluminium framework and PE synthetic rattan which is protected against the cold.

Rattan garden furniture can still get dirty so if you want to do absolutely nothing to your furniture come the summer then we recommend a weatherproof garden furniture cover. These covers are a tight fit over the furniture, protecting it from bird droppings, dirt from falling leaves and dirt from snow and frost.

Weatherproof Cover

As rattan furniture is weatherproof you can even use it throughout the winter months should there be a nice enough day. We recommend a great rattan patio heater which will allow you to warm up your area and allow you to use your garden throughout the winter, where others can’t.

Many plants will not make it through the winter, but some species thrive during the winter months. Do your research and find out which plants need extra care in the winter and which are happy to endure the cold. If you have some cold-loving plants then there is no better way to show them off than in a rattan planter, especially if you still have your rattan furniture on display.

If you don’t have any plants that are suitable for winter, then we recommend planting some evergreens. These evergreens look great all year round and right now is the perfect time to plant them. They will grow quickly in the autumn weather and ensure your garden continues to look healthy and lively throughout the winter.

If you want to completely restyle your garden this winter with furniture that is weatherproof and ready to use this spring, then we recommend a visit to one of our showrooms to speak to one of our helpful sales advisors who can help you find excellent weatherproof rattan furniture to suit your space.