This week, we saw parts of the UK reach the highest temperature ever recorded in British history. Whether you are enjoying the heat or not, we’re sure many of you are spending more time outdoors because of it! But, how can you enjoy the heat responsibly and keep cool whilst temperatures soar? We’ve revealed our top tips below.

Create a shady area

It is incredibly important to have somewhere shady to sit and keep cool in order to avoid heatstroke as well as sunburn. Whether you have a sofa set, corner sofa set, an outdoor dining set, or you need something to cover the kids whilst they are enjoying the paddling pool, there is a garden parasol for every occasion.

If you’re dining set has a parasol hole then a wooden or aluminium parasol will slot nicely in, just remember to put a base underneath the table and make sure the parasol sits in it, otherwise, a sudden gust of wind might knock it over and this can damage both the parasol and your furniture.

Cantilever Parasol

A corner sofa or sofa set can be covered entirely by a large cantilever parasol. Our favourite cantilever parasols are those that can be tilted and rotated, as this allows you to adjust the parasol as the sun moves, keeping you protected at all times.

If you need something to go over the kids paddling pool or outdoor play area, a wooden or aluminium parasol in a weighted base will do just the trick. Aluminium parasols are more lightweight and will be easier to move around as the kids move about the garden.

Stay hydrated

It is extremely important to stay well hydrated in high temperatures. Make sure you have cool drinks to hand and that you drink at least 2-3 litres per day to keep your body refreshed and hydrated.

Ice Bucket Set

A great way to keep drinks cool is to opt for garden furniture with a built-in ice bucket. This is often available in bar sets, and some coffee or dining tables. Simply fill up the bucket with ice and pop your drinks in, each time the ice melts, empty the bucket, give it a quick clean and top it up again. When not in use, the ice bucket can be covered again, giving you extra space for snacks.

Eat Well

What you eat will have an impact on how hydrated you are as well as what you drink. Whilst it’s tempting to eat nothing but barbecue food and drink nothing but alcohol, these aren’t the best ways to keep your body going in high heat.

Eat Well

The NHS recommends water, low-fat milks, tea and coffee to drink and foods with high water content such as strawberries, cucumber, courgette, lettuce, celery and melon to help you stay hydrated. Of course, a nice refreshing ice lolly can also help!

Take Breaks

Make sure you take regular breaks from the sun and stay in the shade/go indoors often. That tan is definitely not as important as your health so make sure that when you are outdoors you have sun cream of SPF15 or higher on. Remember, with no sun cream on it would only take between 5 - 20 minutes for your skin to start to burn, the higher the SPF the longer you can stay outside without your skin burning.

Rest Well

If you have to exert physical energy or exercise, we encourage you to do it during the coolest parts of the day – early morning or late evening – and make sure you take a cold shower afterwards. Plus, remember your body will be under much greater strain than usual so try not to push it to its limits.

Otherwise, make sure you are well-rested and listening to your body. If you do a physical job, make sure you take more breaks than usual.

We hope that everyone can enjoy the hot weather in a safe way and that everyone stays hydrated and cool!