Don’t be cooped up indoors this winter, follow our heating guide to find a suitable heating option for your garden.

Electric Patio Heater

An Electric Patio Heater

The most straightforward and easy way to heat your garden is an electric patio heater. Available in all shapes and sizes, electric patio heaters can generate some serious heat and keep you feeling warm and cosy throughout the winter.

If you’ve got outdoor sockets then you probably won’t be limited to where you can put your heater, but if you need to plug the heater into an indoor socket then you may have to readjust the layout of your garden a little bit.

Gas Fire Pit Table

A Gas Fire Pit Table

A gas fire pit table is our favourite way to heat your garden. Gas fire pit tables are easy to use, and the level of heat can be adjusted with ease via a control panel, making it easy to increase or decrease the heat generated based on how cold it is.

The great thing about a gas fire pit table is that it does not generate a lot of smoke, but you still get to enjoy the flickering flames which are so enjoyable in the winter months.

Fire Pit

A Fire Bowl

Log or coal burning fire bowls are a great way to keep warm during the winter. They should be kept on a flat surface away from anything that can catch fire. They do generate more smoke than a gas fire pit would, but they do offer that satisfying crackling noise.


A Chimenea

A chimenea can make a great focal point for your garden and are an authentic way to keep warm in your garden. You feed fuel to the chimenea through the front and can watch it burn away enjoying the flickering flames and the heat.

A chimenea does generate smoke, like a coal or log burning fire bowl, and should be covered or stored indoors when not in use to protect it from the elements are many are made from metal which could rust or clay which is not entirely weatherproof.

Whichever heat source you opt for this winter, all are a great way to get you outside and enjoying your garden throughout the winter months instead of being cooped up indoors with no fresh air.