With the gyms shut and the same daily walk becoming tedious, the usual fitness hype surrounding January is dwindling before it even began. But with these great gardening activities, you can stay fit as well as preparing your garden for the spring.

According to Clyde Williams, professor of sports science at Loughborough University, three hours of gardening burns as many calories as an hour-long heavy gym session – around 600 to 700 calories.


Sowing and planting, collecting grass and leaves and raking the lawn can burn more than 250 calories an hour, while pruning and weeding can burn up to 280. Digging burns as many as 320 and chopping logs more than 1000 calories an hour.

Here are some great gardening activities to induce fitness:


A 20-minute mowing session, to get rid of the long grass that has shot up throughout the winter season, will burn up to 94 calories as well as getting you some much needed fresh air and a small cardio session to build up the muscles in your legs and arms.


You can entirely revamp your garden by digging up areas ready for planting and burn over 320 calories per hour doing so. It’s important to keep a good posture and not twist your body too much to protect your joints and muscles.

Clearing And Carrying


Get rid of those pesky weeds before the springtime and build up those muscles in your legs and glutes by squatting each time you pull out a weed. This could burn up to 280 calories per hour and is as good as any leg day at the gym.


Get rid of all of those fallen leaves by raking and you’ll also burn over 125 calories per half hour in the process. Make sure you don’t over stretch and rake in small strokes to prevent hurting your back.

Clearing and Carrying


You can strengthen and tone your arms and shoulders by pushing a wheelbarrow, lifting logs, or carrying other heavy loads. This can burn up to 490 calories per hour and is ideal for toning. It is important to keep your back straight and not overload yourself or you could suffer an injury.


As you are planting, try and incorporate moves such as lunges in between each task in order to see the maximum benefits. This will keep you from sitting still too long and increase the calories burnt. Plus, at the end of this you will have a stunning garden filled with new plants and flowers.

Top Tips

Rattan Garden Furniture

Remember to keep hydrated whilst gardening as you will be burning lots of energy and probably sweating lots, even in the chilly weather. Keep well-watered just like you would with your plants.

Wear appropriate footwear. Not only will this keep your toes safe from falling tools etc. but it will also offer the correct support for these activities.

Take regular breaks. Try not to do too much in one session and take regular breaks in order to have suitable rest periods for your muscles and joints.

Now Your Garden Is Ready

After undergoing all of these tasks, your garden will be ready for the spring and you will even be able to add new garden furniture should you desire.

We recommend rattan garden furniture for your garden as this is low maintenance and weatherproof, ideal for leaving outdoors year-round.

For advice on what garden furniture will suit your space we recommend speaking to our knowledgeable sales advisors.

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