Gardens come in all shapes and sizes and no two are exactly the same, but in 2019 we have seen a rise in popularity of the curved garden. But how can you dress such a peculiar shaped garden? We’ve revealed our top tips.

According to the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival, curved gardens are making a comeback, from curved patios, to curved decking and symmetrical ponds, curves are in. But if you’ve got or are aiming for a rounded garden, how should you decorate it and what garden furniture will complement this tricky space? Read on to find out.

Curved Garden

Spherical Decoration

Your curved garden needs spherical decoration to match. Our favourite way to do this is a curved water feature. Whether this be a perfectly round pond area or some ball shaped water fountains, water features invoke peace and serenity in your garden, and nothing is more calming to look at than a perfect circle.

Round Water Features

Another way to do this is with pebbles, maybe fill your flower beds or pots with rounded pebbles or even find some larger pebbles/rocks that work as a natural seating area.

To add some curved features to your garden fences or walls we recommend round outdoor mirrors, rounded solar lights – which also look great overhead – rounded hanging baskets or some rounded wall art.

Curvy Flower Beds

Whether you decide to have a flower bed that goes full circle around your curved garden or a just a section of your garden made into flower beds, we recommend curvy lines, never straight. A full circle flower bed speaks for itself and is curvy enough, but if you opt for just one section or several smaller flower bed areas, use wavy lines, and create a flowy pattern. Fill these flower beds with your favourite rounded flowers, like roses, tulips, dahlias and allium.

Curvy Flower Beds

Curved Garden Furniture

Round Garden Furniture

Whilst curved garden furniture is less popular on the market, it does exist, particularly in the form of round fire pits and fire bowls. These are the perfect solution for adding curves and style to your garden.

Another great idea for rounded garden furniture is the popular daybed, many daybeds are designed specifically to be round or to incorporate rounded features. Not only are they fitting within this theme, but they are incredibly comfortable to relax on as well as being an impressive feature in any garden.

Round dining sets are the obvious solution for a dining area in a rounded garden, but there is a way to do it one better – combine a round dining table with curved sofa benches to create a casual dining set, for not only a less formal way to eat outdoors but a more impressive spherical look.

Curved corner sofa sets are ideal for a lounge area in a rounded garden the rounded corners offer more leg room for you and your guests and fit in with your theme perfectly.

Circular gardens are very impressive if done correctly. If you follow these top tips, we believe you’ll achieve the desired look.