With all the focus on enjoying our back gardens sometimes our front gardens and our porch areas can feel a little neglected. But with so many ways to spruce up these areas, you might be missing a trick to improve the look of your home.

What’s the first thing people see when they pull up to your house? Your front garden. They don’t know what you’ve got going on out back, so why not try and make an impression right from the start? Plus, you’ll be sure to give all your neighbours garden envy.

If you’re selling your house, then doing up the front garden is especially important. First impressions count and this is the same for your property. Plus, in an article released by the Yorkshire Post in February this year, sprucing up the exterior of your house is number 8 in the top 10 ways to add value to your home.

The article states that “Buyers often decide whether they like a home before they reach the front door,” so it’s incredibly important if you’re planning to sell that you give as much attention to the front garden as you would to the back garden and the interior.

Front Porch

If you’re not selling, then why not do up your front garden for your own benefit? It’s proven that spending time outdoors benefits your health and mental wellbeing so increasing the amount of outdoor space you can use to include your front garden is a great way to get outside more.

Your front garden doesn’t have to be a massive space to utilise our top tips for making it a good-looking, enjoyable space. Why not choose just one or two of the following tips to make a start on improving your front garden, and if you’ve got the room, go the whole hog and try them all.


If you’ve got space for some flower beds in your front garden, then some plants will really bring it to life. We recommend some sweet-smelling plants like Lavender, Honeysuckles and Irises. These colourful plants will not only smell nice as people walk up to your front door but will also attract some friendly birds and bees to your garden.

Front Garden

Solar Lights

Not only are solar lights are great way to brighten up your front garden space, but they are also ideal for illuminating the path home if you’ve been out late! There are so many styles of solar lights, it can be hard to choose so we’ve tried to make it easy for you:

If you’ve got a lawn or gravel, and a path then some path lights are ideal, these individual lights can be spaced out how you desire and will slide into the ground easily to light up your path home. If you’ve got a large front porch and some decking, then wrapping some string lights around your porch will make it look warm and inviting.


We’ve all got that idea of the white picket fenced house. Well why not make it a reality? Put some stunning low fencing around your front garden or create a fence effect with hedges. This will add some privacy to your space as well as looking elegant and fancy.

Front porch

Garden Furniture

If you have a large porch space, some garden furniture won’t look out of place and you can enjoy sitting outdoors when the sun’s out. A classic bistro set, or a comfortable lounge set will be ideal for a front porch or if you’ve really got a lot of space, even a hanging chair will be nice and comfortable.

Water Features

Whilst water features may sound fancy, you don’t have to opt for a large, elaborate water fountain, a small solar powered water feature will add a pleasant sound and feel to your front garden and make a great place for birds to take a bath or a drink, attracting more of that desirable wildlife to your garden.

A New Front Door

Don’t forget about your front door. If you’ve spruced up the rest of your front space, you don’t want an old door spoiling the ambience. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of replacing your front door then perhaps a lick of paint will help to improve the final appearance.

If you decide to take on any of our top tips, we’d love to hear from you and see some pictures, we may even share your pictures on our Instagram page @zebrano_rattan.