Choosing the colour of your patio furniture can be a difficult decision. You want a colour that will match the style of your garden and that will age well, as well as a colour that is easily accessible should you want to purchase matching pieces in the future.

Rattan furniture comes in many different colours of weave which are all designed to look incredible in any garden. Each colour has pros and cons, here we have outlined some of the most popular rattan furniture colours to help you decide which will look the best on your patio or in your garden.

Brown Rattan Patio Furniture

Brown Rattan Patio Furniture

The most traditional and still incredibly popular choice of rattan furniture colour is a brown weave. As standard, most brown flat weave rattan furniture products come with a dual tone colouring and is one of the original colours of rattan patio furniture.

Brown furniture is ideal for every patio or garden because it looks great in both a modern and a more traditional setting. Additionally, every stockist of rattan furniture will offer this colour and you will be able to shop around in order to find matching items in the future. Not only this, but this brown colour will match other garden furniture materials such as wood.

As standard, brown rattan patio furniture comes with beige cushions and these natural tones complement bright plants, scatter cushions and you will also be able to find matching parasols.

Grey Rattan Patio Furniture

Grey Rattan Patio Furniture

Rising in popularity over the past couple of years, grey rattan weave is sure to be around for years to come. Similar to brown rattan, grey rattan also offers dual tone colouring to create a modern and stylish colour that fits in brilliantly in newly designed, modern patio spaces whilst still upholding the traditional values of rattan garden furniture.

As we see grey furniture rise in popularity there is no danger of it making a quick disappearance from the scene. This means you will easily be able to find matching items in the future.

As standard, grey rattan patio furniture comes with grey cushions which look stunning teamed up with blues or purples, whether this is scatter cushions upon the set or flowers surrounding your furniture.

Black Rattan Patio Furniture

Black Rattan Patio Furniture

For many years black was a popular colour for rattan patio furniture, however, the introduction of grey rattan patio furniture has seen the desire for black dwindle significantly. Many stockists no longer hold or develop black rattan which may make it difficult to get hold of matching items in the future should you wish to.

The colour of cushions teamed up with black rattan weave can vary from dark grey to cream coloured cushions depending on the supplier. Black patio furniture looks best in bars and restaurant gardens as opposed to your standard home patio.

Natural Rattan Patio Furniture

Natural Rattan Patio Furniture

There are several types of natural coloured rattan patio furniture on the market. These natural tones can vary from very light, to much warmer natural colours so should you wish to purchase additional items in the future it may be helpful to note the place you bought your original furniture from and the name of the furniture if you want to find an exact match in the future.

Natural coloured patio furniture looks stunning in traditional garden settings as well as more modern locations such as stylish balconies and seaside resorts.

Natural coloured patio furniture tends to come with matching natural/beige coloured cushions and would suit pale surrounding colours/scatter cushions.

White Wash Patio Furniture

White Wash Rattan Patio Furniture

One of the newest colours in rattan furniture, White Wash is proving to be an incredibly popular choice for rattan patio furniture. White Wash furniture is dual toned with a light grey colour which helps the furniture not to look bleached in the sun.

This unique colour is perfect for modern patio settings and whilst it is new to the market with currently only very few places stocking the colour it is set to grow in popularity and we predict you will soon be able to find this colour in more places on the market.

White Wash patio furniture typically comes with dark grey cushions and would look great accompanied by dark blue scatter cushions and surrounding ornaments etc.

If you are unsure of the colour that would match your garden or you already have existing furniture and need recommendations on accessories that would match, do not hesitate to contact us.

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