Rattan furniture is one of the most popular choices for garden furniture in the UK but how do you know whether what you’re purchasing is top quality rattan furniture that is fully weatherproof or whether it is only likely to last a year?

Well, there are some key things to look out for, especially when ordering online, to ensure that you get the best value rattan furniture for your money.

Flat Weave Rattan Garden Furniture


Price is a key factor that most people start with when looking for garden furniture. However, don’t be fooled into thinking you’re getting an absolute bargain if the furniture is not of good quality. Nor should you assume that more expensive is necessarily best. Price really does depend on the size and the quality of your chosen furniture, and to know whether you are getting a good deal you must do some research and compare other prices of similar furniture on the market. If it seems too cheap compared to other similar style products, the chances are it is not of a good quality.

Framework Material

The material of the framework of your furniture will play a crucial part not only in the price but also the durability of your furniture. You want to look for furniture that has powder coated aluminium framework as this will be the most durable and weather resistant. Aluminium frames will not rust and therefore can be left outside all year round. However, steel framework, though cheaper, cannot be left outside and will rust meaning that it must be stored indoors during rough weather conditions or you may have to replace the furniture every 1-2 years.

Half Round Rattan Garden Furniture

Flat packed or Pre-assembled

Flat packed garden furniture is cheaper, however much like indoor furniture it is not as good quality as a pre-assembled furniture piece. Flat packed furniture is bolted together, and these bolts may come loose whereas pre-assembled furniture is welded together and is much stronger against adverse weather conditions like strong winds and general day to day wear and tear.

Synthetic Rattan Material

Another consideration to make is the type of synthetic rattan used. There are three choices of material used for synthetic rattan: PE, PVC and PU. PVC and PU are inferior quality compared to PE. PE is the strongest and most durable and is extremely weatherproof, tested in conditions of -20°C and +40°C. PE will not crack or go brittle in cold temperatures, nor will it melt or sag in high heats.

PVC and PU materials are not weatherproof, and furniture made from these materials will typically will only survive one winter before they need replacing.

Full Rod Rattan Garden Furniture


All rattan garden furniture should come with a guarantee. Low quality furniture will only come with a 1-year guarantee whereas top quality furniture will range from 3-10 years warranty depending on the weave styling.

Flat weave furniture is the most popular thanks to its durability and price combination. Flat weave typically comes with a 3-5-year warranty. Half round weave is slightly stronger, making it more expensive but giving it increased durability. The most durable weave is a full rod weave which makes it the most expensive on the market but often guarantees a 10-year warranty.

Showroom Availability

Is there a place to view the furniture? We always recommend viewing the furniture and testing before purchase. If a retailer offers you this choice you can be sure that they are proud of the quality of their furniture and very happy for you to try before you buy. However, if a retailer is online only this doesn’t mean their furniture is not top quality you just need to make sure that they offer plenty of pictures, description and sizing information to ensure you know what it is you are getting for your money.

If you look out for all of these factors you are sure you end up with a top-quality piece of rattan garden furniture that lasts you years to come.