Choosing a comfortable dining chair for your outdoor space is vital. If you choose wrong, you may not enjoy your time outdoors or find you can spend lengthy dinners outdoors. So, follow these top tips to choose your outdoor dining chair.

Dining Chair

Back Support

Your choice of back support is imperative to how comfortable you find your dining chair. If you find you often get aches and pains in your back, then you will need something very supportive and perhaps a little more rigid to offer the support required.

If you prefer to sink into your chair then something with a softer, more pliable back is a great choice. Whatever you choose we recommend always using the outdoor cushions provided to offer extra comfort and support.


Arm support is another key feature that improves the comfort of an outdoor chair. Thick armrests are great for lounge chairs that you plan to spend a long-time in. Curved armrests also follow the natural way your arm sits to add extra comfort.

Reclining Dining Chair

Seat Height

Depending on what you are using your outdoor chair for, whether it is formal dining, lounging or relaxing will determine the preferred seat height of your dining chair. For example, a low seat height is perfect for lounging and relaxing but not ideal for dining as it will feel like you are too low down and reaching up towards the table.

A higher seat height will allow you to dine comfortably but is not ideal for lengthy periods of time outdoors just relaxing or you may end up with a numb bum!

Reclining Chairs

If you are looking for the ultimate in outdoor comfort, then reclining backs are the perfect addition to your outdoor dining chair. This means you can dine in style as well as relax in perfect comfort when you just want to sit outdoors and unwind.

Curved Dining Chair

Reclining backs are often also taller and therefore offer increased support for your back no matter the position of the recline.

Rattan Dining Chairs

Rattan dining chairs are perfect for increasing the comfort of your outdoor dining experience. Not only is the material supportive but it is also pliable and therefore offers some give rather than a fully rigid back that can be hard and uncomfortable.

Rattan dining chairs come in all different shapes and sizes as well as colours, so you have plenty to choose from, plus they often include padded cushions which add to the comfort of the set.

Not only are they extremely comfortable but they are also highly weatherproof and very low maintenance which adds to the overall value and enjoyment of the furniture as it requires no hassle to look after and can be used year after year with all the comfort of when it was first purchased.

Try Before You Buy

We highly recommend testing all garden furniture before you buy, in particular sitting in and getting a feel for each different style of outdoor dining chair. Whilst you may like the look of a certain chair, you may sit in it and find it doesn’t suit your posture and you don’t find it very comfortable at all and it may change your opinion of the chair entirely.

To try before you buy we recommend visiting one of our showrooms and to sit in as many chairs as possible before making a decision.